Be cautious with stay wires, LUCELEC advises

Be cautious with stay wires, LUCELEC advises
A stay wire, also called a guide wire.
LUCELEC Chief Engineer Goodwin d’Auvergne
LUCELEC Chief Engineer Goodwin d’Auvergne

The public is being advised to treat stay wires with caution at all times, according to a St. Lucia Electricity Services (LUCELEC) official.

Chief Engineer Goodwin d’Auvergne, speaking to the press earlier this week, said stay wires, by design, do not carry electricity, but it is possible “under certain rare circumstances” that these wires can “accidentally” come in contact with an energised conductor such as a wire.

“We just want to reiterate that stay wires like any part of the electricity infrastructure, while designed to be safe, should be treated with caution at all times,” he said.

Stay wires, also called guide wires and guy wires, are used to provide stability to a free-standing structure such as a utility pole, and provide counterbalance to the wires which run along the poles, among other things.

A 42-year-old man was electrocuted to death after he came into contact with a stay wire in Choiseul last weekend.
LUCELEC officials have declined to comment on certain details about the incident because it is an ongoing investigation.

A stay wire, also called a guide wire.
A stay wire, also called a guide wire.

d’Augergne said: “I know that… since I have been chief engineer, probably over the last ten years we have not had an incident of this nature where a stay became live. But I cannot say conclusively because we would have to go back into the records.”

LUCELEC said safety is always at the top of their agenda.

“Safety is everyone’s business at LUCELEC …. We are fanatics about safety…. In all our policies and procedures safety is the primary consideration, not just for our staff but also for the public as well,” said the company’s communications manager, Roger Joseph.


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  1. It is possible that the deceased accidentally grabbed the stay rod whilst trying to break his fall and in the process was electrocuted. Points to a problem of high earth resistance in many parts of the island which highlights the inadequacy of the earthing systems used by LUCELEC. How many more must die before corrective action can be taken?


  2. Sometimes these wires have yellow plastic covers on them as a precaution, because they occasionally become live.


  3. If they can be energized why aren't they not insulated with a non electrical material to prevent any accidents ?? And yall have them all about the island , I can remember as a child I use to be all around them . Common now


  4. St. Lucia reminds me of the Gambian story of corruption; no regard for health and safety. How could you ask people to be cautious when you place them in harm's way in the first place.It should be Lucelec reminds staff to be cautious and follow all safety procedures. Does St. Lucians owe Lucelec a duty of care? New term to learn in St. Lucia, Corporate Manslaughter. The government as aiders and abettors.Coming Soon to a store near you. #Anti Corruption Act 2017


  5. Lol. Handle with care? Ok. Hope this previous situation doesn't become a man slaughter case against LUCELEC. Wonder what would happen when it rains near these stay wires and people walk near. Mass man slaughter? the word genocide??


  6. If LUCELEC do not make this stay wires 100% safe on there own then government have step in to step in to make safety rules to protect the life of the citizen.
    It can not go own like this just to tell the people to treat stay wires with caution.
    All live matters !!!!


  7. Thanks but that is a really funny if not ridiculous statement. Then as a responsible entity LUCELEC should not have stay wires of that nature freely around the place. Some even on people's property.

    The very odd time is when someone or a child might come into contact with the wire. Really Mr. Dauvergne that statement if true then requires some serious rethink by LUCELEC on the use of those types of anchors.


  8. You cannot have stay wires in people's yards, for example, and ask them to take precautions. Their yards are their yards. The wind blows something near a pole, they go and retrieve the thing and they make contact with these stay wires which somehow have become energised. Would this be negligence on their part? The regulations that make it OK for LUCELEC to install their apparatus on anybody's property need to be revisited. I most certainly will not allow that company to plant any pole on my property. That is the best precaution I can take.


  9. As a concern citizen i have this problem with lucelec for the past five years asking to remove two wires over my property to no avail. They came said supervisor said it had to be removed up to now so what step should i take now m i need to u to reply am waiting.


  10. Lucelec I dont even wanna hear it. Just man up and admit that a man died because of your damned wire. Is that àll u guys are gonna say? U practice safety all the time. Oh how i empathise with this poor man's family. I know that all the money in the world cannot bring him back but come on Lucelec somebody's gotta pay.


  11. that statement is not good enough:
    "The public is being advised to treat stay wires with caution at all times, according to a St. Lucia Electricity Services (LUCELEC) official."
    Lucelec have to take preventive action to avoid fatal accidents like this.
    You can not expect a child waiting for a bus by a pole to know the danger.


  12. LUCELEC have these damn stay wires all over the place. In people's yard, on people's property, near roadsides, even in school yards. Isn't this putting people's lives at risk?


  13. Yall have nothing better to say? A man is dead... Apparently someone did not do their job right cause the stay wire did "BECOME LIVE". Bring y'all bullshit elsewhere... come up with another excuse! and be sure to look out for the man's 4 children! Next time y'all talk about safety being paramount, picture a man being electrocuted to death with his hand grasping y'all damn "STAY WIRE". Imagine if it were you Mr. Goodwin D'Auvergne or you family member. Put yourself in that position and come back to me with a better excuse. And you wonder why children behave the way they do? well, take a look at the adults who prefer to make excuses for their carelessness instead of taking responsibility! Take a look at the adults who pass blame to everyone else but themselves. What will y'all say next? A woman gets raped, it's her fault! A tourist gets robbed, it's his fault! A man gets blown up, it's his fault! A man gets electrocuted and guess what? It's his fault too? Stop blaming people for y'all carelessness and selfish ways! Investigate still in y'all ...................!


  14. For this reason the wires should be covered at all times because we never know when they're alive. I remember hearing this from childhood that we should never tamper with them but most of them were covered with plastic but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. LUCELEC this is your property and you're responsible for anything that happen. You all quick to blame people but once you all at fault it's always an excuse.


  15. yall are fantastic about safety you say, the same way reneau said they practice safety smh .wat u saying dont make no sense. if something is designed for no current to pass thru then it should do just dat and exactly what it was designed to do. so dont come and full people with your fancy talk and yall are fantastic about safety then all of theses stay wires should have something to prevent people from shock


  16. Last year Christopher France was electrocuted and maimed (his entire body burnt). He had no family to make noise for him and to this date no compensation has been paid. LUCELEC for themselves.


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