BDKA mourns death of founding member

BDKA mourns death of founding member

unnamed-4PRESS RELEASE – Members of BDKA mourn the death of a founding member and General Secretary, Sempai Lawrence James 1st Dan Black belt, who passed a on March 21st 2017.

We fully appreciate the contributions, leadership and pursuit of excellence he has given to the dojo especially the executive committee. As we reflect upon the high standards he espoused, we are reminded of his availability whenever a meeting was called before he took ill. Let’s all unite in honoring and offering our condolences to Sempai Lawrence James family in their time of mourning.

We assure you that the honorable legacy that he leaves behind offers both inspiration and challenge to any member who aspires to emulate him. BDKA executive,students, general members and the karate fraternity of st. Lucia let’s join in honoring his memory.

BDKA President Sempai silvius st ville


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