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BCF: “There is minimal contact among the female and male prison population”

By SNO Staff

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Donalyn Lesmond (right) and Lucas Lesmond.

The Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) has responded to reports of a female inmate who received treatment at the Victoria Hospital for a miscarriage.

In a press statement yesterday, the institution declared that the report is false and that there are strict guidelines by which they operate which ensure that such an incident may never occur.

“The facility categorically disassociates itself from allegations leveled at the BCF, which allude to a female remand detainee having been recently pregnant or having miscarried a pregnancy,” the statement said.

The intuition reiterated that males and females are segregated and that male correctional officers are not permitted to enter the female residential area nor are they detailed to work on the female unit.

“The institution engages strict procedures to ensure that there is minimal contact among the female and male population of the prison. The female unit by its very design and physical location stands as a separate, secured unit on the compound,” it added.

According to the institution, the inmate had been scheduled for treatment at Victoria Hospital and was simply admitted and supervised by police officers in keeping with normal procedure. It was explained that there is a health care centre located at the Bordelais Correctional Facility which is staffed by two registered nurses and four health aides.

However there are situations which require referrals to the Dennery, St. Jude and Victoria hospitals or the National Mental Wellness Centre, as the case may be.

The institution said it is responsible for the health needs and requirements of inmates are adequately addressed, and the inmate was therefore referred to the Victoria Hospital.

A source at the Victoria Hospital had told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the female prisoner identified as Donalyn Lesmond was suffering from endometrial hyperplasia. This condition is unrelated to pregnancy complications.

Rumours that Donalyn was pregnant and had a miscarriage were also discussed on several popular radio talk shows with callers questioning the integrity of the prison officials.

Lesmond is on remand for killing her husband, police officer Lucas Lesmond in 2012.

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  1. I would like to know what is the Media asso saying about the publicity of the woman. Clinton as president u are always quick to speak out when something displeases u. U to Jerry. U all should b sued.this was wrong info given and u all need to apologise publickly.u all eh no journalist yet. Only row row u all like. U all news was of poor taste. And u mr Clinton express what u preach. God bless u.

  2. Sue the hospital the media the courts the government every one in the chain of events you have rights not a word from the health minister addressing the matter some one leaked info get him/ her make an example of to much ray ray and there must be consequences for this sort of blah blah boom boom talk to much

  3. The staff at the hospital are very out of place. What about confidentiality they dont understand.

  4. (Compass niddle) un fortunately when u go to . Prison yhere is alot of ur rights as a human ...that u are stricken of ....but it is . It is .... if this is the case then I is public info to a certain extent ....


  6. The reason they can publish it because she is public property, a prisoner.

    • Really? You need to take a class in ethics. Prisoners are human beings - human beings are not property. As humans, prisoners have rights to healthcare and confidentiality about their health status.

      If the doctor had a genuine concern about potential abuse of the patient/prisoner, it would be his/her call to make the report, in a confidential way so that it can be investigated.

      I am very disturbed that your disrespectful comment was allowed. And if our journalists abode by their code of ethics, the rumor would never have been entertained by the media.

      • So what is is about confidentiality that some people don't seems to understand. The hospital had no business giving out information on a patient, be it a prisoner or not.


  8. There is a lot of upheaval about whether Ms Lesmond was pregnant, but I am indignant about the person who started the rumour. Patients are entitled to CONFIDENTIALITY.

    All individuals who work at a healthcare institution and become privy to information to - from orderlies to hospital administrator - are bound by a code of ethics. Hospital source - please keep quiet. If you are found out, your job may be in jeopardy. And for what?

  9. So why is it, that the young woman's medical information and condition is being disclosed publicly? Where is the confidentiality between the hospital and its patients? If I had a say, I would sue the hospital for that breach and duty of care. Come on people, the last time I checked she was a person with feelings, family and loved ones. Please exercise the same respect and privacy you would expect if anyone of us was in her situation

  10. Never been to prison. No commit

  11. Male correctional officers are not permitted to enter the female residential area, but the male administrative officers can permit themselves to enter the area and also enter...

  12. Mr.Herman i understand what you are saying because some people jump to conclusion.However you may have all the procedures and regulations but it cannot totally prevent sexual contacts between people.Recently in a prison in the U.S a convicted drug dealer impregnated two female correctional officers and had relations with others.I for one did not believe what was said about the lady,but things like that spreads like wild fire.Continue your fine work at the prison.Glad that you cleared the air.


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