Bay Gardens Resorts unveils new Teppanyaki dining

Bay Gardens Resorts unveils new Teppanyaki dining
Spices Restaurant
Spices Restaurant

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Bay Gardens Brand is renowned for its mouth-watering cuisine and excellent service, continuously offering new dining experiences to guests.

The Bay Gardens Hotel is delighted to introduce its Teppanyaki dining with a unique Caribbean flavour at its Spices Restaurant from Saturday 25th November, 2017.

This new dining experience combines outstanding Japanese culinary techniques infused with authentic Caribbean spices to produce a meal that’s both visual and gastronomical. This delectable menu allows guests to enjoy a variety of dishes to suit even the most discerning tastes with delicacies from the East and West. It includes seafood, beef, fish and chicken, to salads and soups at an affordable rate of EC$130.00 per person inclusive of taxes.

Diners begin their meals with a choice of three Misoshiru soups, followed by three tempting starter choices with two salads options. Furthermore, there are a variety of tantalizing “from the grill” selections with a three component dessert option. Guests dine at round tables with a minimum of eight people, allowing everyone to feel the thrill of watching their meals being skillfully prepared right off the grill.

This dining option is suitable for groups, families and couples, providing the perfect opportunity for friendly interaction whilst being entertained by the chef. In keeping with the customary ambience of lively and participatory fun, Saturdays’ Teppanyaki nights at the Spices Restaurant will be unforgettable culinary experiences.

The Bay Gardens Resorts invites everyone to come savour the flavours with its new Teppanyaki dining, held every Saturday evening by reservations only, with three seatings at 6pm, 7:30pm and 9 pm.

For reservations, contact: 457-8022 or 457-8010


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