Bay Gardens Resort achives Green Globe certification

Bay Gardens Resort achives Green Globe certification

PRESS RELEASE – Bay Gardens Resorts announced earlier this week that all three of its hotels (Bay Gardens Hotel, Bay Gardens Inn and the Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa) had achieved Green Globe certification.

Green Globe is the global certification for sustainable tourism. Travel and tourism businesses are rigorously assessed on their sustainability performance as an organization, along with their supply chain partners.

The move toward certification took a significant effort from all levels of the organization.

It began with education of the over 240 team members to sensitize them of the need to engrain the green concept into the organization’s culture and their daily lives.

Bay Gardens Resorts Executive Director, Sanovnik Destang commented on the achievement, ‘the move came as a conscious decision from the board members of the company to make a commitment to preserving, conserving and sustaining our little slice of paradise.

Over the past few months, our organization has committed over ECD140,000 toward our greening efforts.

This includes, but is not limited to switching out conventional air conditioning units for more efficient inverter units, switching to LED lighting, implementing a recycling plan, working more closely with our local agriculture sector and more. 

Due to the cost sensitive nature of going green, we have adopted a phased approach and will continue in our efforts to maintain our certification through the years.

We’re perhaps most proud of the fact that we will be reducing our carbon emissions by 69 metric tons annually.’

The Bay Gardens Hotel and Inn scored 76%, with the Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa scoring 78% – both of which are above the industry average of 60-65%.

Green Globe continually assesses its members every two years to ensure that they have consistently maintained and improved all of the environmental and social practices required.


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