Barre de L’isle road repairs

By Ministry of Infrastructure

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(PRESS RELEASE) – The Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy wishes to inform the motoring public that road repair works is scheduled to begin on February 14th, 2018 along a section of the East Coast Road on the Barre de L’isle.

The Work is expected to last for a period of thirty (30) days and includes rehabilitation of the road pavement structure.

The works will take place in two phases as described below:

Phase 1 – Sections of the northbound lane will be closed to vehicular traffic whilst the southbound lane will remain operational.

Phase 2 – Sections of the southbound lane will be closed to vehicular traffic whilst the northbound lane will remain operational.

All road users are asked to exercise caution and be guided by the road signs during the execution of these works.

The Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy wishes to apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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  1. This is going to be hell for tractor trailers. I hope everyone's handbrakes are in working order but it's still not going to help the 40 ft container trucks.

  2. Please do some quality assurance/ control on those road works!

    Last year the top of the Bar D' Lisle was only took 3 weeks for the new surface to begin wearing. I though the Ministry was going to force the Contractor to return to fix his defective works but nothing happened! Now another set of money is being spent. I implore the Ministry of Works to do their jobs properly to avoid wasting my money.

    please and thanks

    • Look at the recent repairs after La Caye towards Vf also. Same thing. The "repairs" are so bumpy they might as well have left the road like that. I give it 2 moths max for holes to start appearing again

      • That's the nastiest patch work that I have driven upon all my life. No kidding! You mean to tell me that no one from the ministry has noticed that? The asphaltic layer is bumpy and uneven. The ministry is bringing shame to my profession...sorry to say!

    • Asphalt roads do notoriously bad under wet conditions, they wear out VERY quickly. The Barre de Lisle is wet 24/7. The only real solution is to use concrete roads. They hold up very well under wet conditions, they reduce fuel costs by as much as 20% for heavy equipment (asphalt is malleable, displacement reduces fuel efficiency) and concrete have very low maintenance (you can forget about them for quite a few years before they need maintenance again).

      However, concrete roads have a much high costs, and they have less "grip" than asphalt, a high quality concrete will have to be used to increase surface friction to asphalt levels. There also tend to be higher accidents on concrete roads due to loss of tire traction at high speeds, however 90% of the users of the Barre de Lisle road travel at or under 40 kmph, so this shouldn't be a problem.

      • Try to get to Jalousie in Soufriere on a rainy day you will change your mind very quickly about driving on hilly concrete roads. Thanks for the lesson though. Seems like you really know your stuff about road surfaces.

      • st.lucia would be a real paradise if politicians and decision-makers were knowledgeable as you are!


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