Baron Foods wins gold

Baron Foods wins gold

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Saint Lucia Manufacturers Association would like to take a special moment to recognize and congratulate SMA member-company Baron Foods and Mr. Ronald Ramjattan for their victory at the International Superior Taste Award in Brussels, Belgium.

Earlier this month, Baron Foods took home the gold medal which was awarded by the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) in recognition of the company’s outstanding pasta sauce.

On the iTQi Sensory Evaluation Graph, the product’s visual appeal ranked the highest followed by the taste and texture.

The pasta sauce is one out of the eleven products which makes up the Baron Gourmet Collection and was launched in October 2011.

This convenient gourmet collection has been well received by consumers, especially within the “meals in minutes” food category.

CEO, Mr. Ronald Ramjattan said “we are particularly proud of the innovative thinking that led to these products being developed and the ease of use that accompanies each product.”

“Being a result-oriented company, with a strong customer base we have gone from being a local company with roots in St. Lucia to a regional company with a full agro- processing plant in the island of Grenada and Trinidad & Tobago. We came with a vision of providing innovative and quality products to our customers, whilst building a true Caribbean brand,” Ramjattan said.

The iTQi Superior Taste Award is the only international certificate for taste endorsed by experts – Michelin starred Chefs and Sommeliers.

Above all, it is a guarantee of buying a product recognized for its gustative qualities; while for producers, it is a valuable and efficient communication

tool to differentiate their products, uplift their brand images and attract new clients.

Baron Foods has been an active and longstanding member of Saint Lucia Manufacturers Association and a leader in the island’s indigenous manufacturing sector. As one of Saint Lucia’s larger manufacturing companies, Baron Foods has always placed emphasis on providing mentorship and training to the industry’s younger entrepreneurs and manufacturers.


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