Baron Foods hosts first International Pork Festival

Baron Foods hosts first International Pork Festival


PRESS RELEASE – Baron Foods presents the first ever International Pork Festival, scheduled to begin on Sunday, August 2nd at Samaan’s Park.

Come experience a world of delicious pork (barbeque pork, stew pork, roast pork, sweet and sour pork, black pudding and more…) from pork masters around the island.

It’s a family event aim to promote different pork dishes; other types of meats will be on sale.

There will be fun activities for the entire family. In addition there will be live entertainment and a battle with the two biggest bands: The EvaLucian Band and DYP.

Gates open from 11 a.m. Tickets: $25; children under 12 are free.

Baron Food’s International Pork Festival is sponsored by Digicel, Piton Beer, Bounty Rum, Campari and DBS.


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  1. This was like Assou Square in August or any other bloco. Limited pork dishes- no souse, no bacon, no black pudding? Lame! Same pork I eat all the time on the regular, nothing innovative to teach the patrons?
    That entrance fee I suspect was just for the bands.
    Next year, there needs to be more focus on all things pork ?. Even activities, eg. greasy pig, a raffle of a young pig, a cook off... And more pork dishes.
    This 'International" event failed to meet the expectations of the brand. Rebrand or adjust. 🙁


  2. I was planning to go there. But after i hear about the $25 entrance... no me. In these hard guava days i cannot pay that high entrance fee plus i have to buy pork. What the hell the entrance fee is for anyways? The pork sellers should be paying a vending fee and that should be adequate to cover operational costs. Plan better so you all will not squeeze malaway. Too greedy and now you all loosing customers.


  3. Kat....that is a very good question. If the pork is for sale, why would you have such a high entrance fee? That would deter customers!


  4. I was VERY excited to attend this PORK FESTIVAL only to find out there will be other meats on sale there too. There are so many things that can be done with pork!
    Why is it always necessary to cater to the mass market? There is nothing wrong with target marketing. To cater to the masses is an expensive endeavour. Everybody can't always have everything. Our festivals are becoming homogeneous. Just saying!


    • it's a business, even tho they dont want pork they can purchase drinks and other activities. das why ''jazz'' festival has artists like destra, flo rida, and beres...


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