Baron Foods Limited Assistant Manager to address Caribbean and Pacific Agribusiness leaders

Baron Foods Limited Assistant Manager to address Caribbean and Pacific Agribusiness leaders
Mr. Riyad Mohammed
Mr. Riyad Mohammed
Mr. Riyad Mohammed

PRESS RELEASE – The Assistant Manager of Saint Lucia’s leading manufacturing company, Baron Foods Limited, Mr. Riyad Mohammed, is down to address policy makers, private sector leaders, and agriculture officials at a one week forum in Barbados commencing Monday, November 2, 2015.

The second Caribbean and Pacific Agrifood Forum  is aimed at strengthening the agrifood sector  in Small Island Developing States, SIDS, and expanding their  markets, while promoting agribusiness by sharing success stories and promoting linkages with tourism.

Mr. Mohammed has been invited to present on two  main themes  – “How to Create a Successful Agribusiness Company” , and “ The Caribbean Agribusiness Forum – Promoting agribusiness through value addition and product diversification in priority industries, Strategies for scaling up.”

For his first presentation he will join eight successful agribusiness leaders – three from  the Pacific, three from Caribbean and two from Indian Ocean Commission countries.

For the second presentation Mr. Mohammed will be among six Caribbean Agri-Business leaders speaking on opportunities in Herbs and Spices for the export market.

The agri-business forum will be  held at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Cave Hill Campus and the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre (LESC), St Michael, Barbados.

It has been organized by the Technical Centre for  Agricultural  and Rural Cooperation,(CTA), the Barbados Agricultural Society, the Inter American Agency for Cooperation on Agriculture, (IICA), and the Intra-ACP Agricultural Policy Programme.


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  1. Did you not READ dannybgood??? Baron Foods is a private other words they employ who they, friends, strangers. And he was invited to the forum. This has nothing to do with governments....clearly you know nothing about meetings of this nature!!!!


    • This young man may have blood from another country, but he was raised in St Lucia, went to school in St Lucia (VFCSS), Primary, Secondary and Tertiary and this business has nothing to do with Kenny.... So stop politicizing everything and try working to become something in life...


    • This guy may have blood from elsewhere, but he was raised right here in St Lucia... Went to primary, secondary (South of the island) and tertiary school in St Lucia as well... You should focus on making something outta your life rather than being jealous of the accomplishments of others.


    • Who the hell is you???? dannybgood need to stop being so narrow minded.
      Let me add another line.
      dannybgood need to start opening his mind as to what opportunities are out there so that he can contribute in a meaningful way.


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