Barbados: Senior citizen surprised at being charged for possession of drug apparatus

Barbados: Senior citizen surprised at being charged for possession of drug apparatus

(BARBADOS TODAY) – A 61-year-old man, who was “amazed” over the fact that he was hauled before the court on a drug related charge, has been placed on a bond for a year.

Anthony Curtis Johnson, of St Stephen’s Hill, Black Rock, St Michael, pleaded guilty to having an apparatus in his possession on December 5 for the misuse of cocaine.

According to Sergeant Cameron Gibbons, police searched Johnson after he was detained while on Black Rock, Main Road. A cigarette box containing a small bottle with a piece of plastic pipe, as well as a lighter was found.

“Yes it is a pipe and I know what it is used for, but I found it in the cigarette box and put it in my pockets,” Johnson allegedly told police at the time.

Today he further explained that he was walking along the road after leaving a Chinese restaurant in the area where he had purchased his dinner when he “kicked the cigarette box, but it resisted”.

He said he took it because a few months ago he had found over $300 in a similar cigarette box.

“So up and in my pocket I put it,” he said, adding that a police van was passing at the same time and “all I heard was ‘whop, whop’.

“I don’t know if they saw me going down [to pick up the box] or not,” Johnson told the court.

However, he said the police had told him that they were investigating a robbery and “I say, ‘skipper what?’”

However, Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant stopped Johnson just as he was about to become even more animated with his story, which proved quite amusing to those present in the No.2 District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court.

At that point, the bond was imposed on Johnson.

If he breaches it, he will have to pay a $750 fine or spend four months in jail.


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  1. this is why they say anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. number one cocaine and any instrument to use it is illegal, the mere fact that you told the police that you know what it is used for you already sold yourself. Cause if you know what its for and you know cocaine or the instrument to smoke it is illegal then that means to them you know very well what you were about regardless if it was not yours.

    now it is true you may not have opened it at the time but the technicality is they found it on your person and to make it worst you pleaded guilty. then again these police now a days so damn dirty. who know if it was them that put the box there as bait and was waiting for somebody to pick it up just so they could arrest somebody.


  2. If I laughed my butt off reading this man's account of events, I could only imagine the laughter that erupted during court!!!!


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