Barbados: Man fined for threatening police on Facebook

Barbados: Man fined for threatening police on Facebook
Nicholas Antone Benjamin leaving court.

(NATIONNEWS) — The word must go out – the Internet was not developed for issuing threats and death wishes on others, Chief Magistrate Christopher Birch declared on Monday.

And he wants people to think twice before they type or hit ‘send’ on their messages and posts.

He made the comments as he dealt with an aggrieved man who, unable to see his brother who was in custody, posted a threat to police on his Facebook page.

Nicholas Antone Benjamin, 30, a customer service agent, had just confessed that he used his cellphone, a computer, to send a message that was menacing in character, intending to cause or was reckless as to whether he caused annoyance, inconvenience, distress or anxiety to the members of the Royal Barbados Police Force, on July 6.

He posted: “The only people I wish to see killed is every single police officer. Every ******* one.”

As he imposed a fine of $3 500 in three months or six months in prison on the first-time offender, Chief Magistrate Birch declared that such behaviour would not be tolerated.


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