Barbados: Father tells 23-year-old not to go out on date, gets himself in trouble

By Barbados Today

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(BARBADOS TODAY) – A 47-year-old man, who assaulted his daughter’s male friend on Christmas Day, had to pay out $2,050 in compensation when he appeared in a Bridgetown court yesterday.

Kevin Sean Snagg, who resides in England but was staying at 104, 3rd Avenue, Alleynes Land, Bush Hall, St Michael, pleaded guilty to assaulting Justin Quinlan, occasioning him actual bodily harm and damaging a shirt belonging to him.

Magistrate Douglas Frederick heard that Snagg arrived in the country earlier this month with his wife and three children to attend his mother’s 70th birthday celebrations.

However, he was involved in a heated argument with his 23-year-old daughter after she informed him that she was going out with Quinlan. The father had instructed the daughter, who lives in Austria, that she could not go on her planned date, but she left the house anyway.

Snagg followed her outside forbidding her to leave before approaching Quinlan, who was sitting in his car, and attempting to choke him. Amid the commotion, Quinlan’s car reversed, knocking over Snagg and his wife, who both sustained minor injuries.

When the parties appeared before Magistrate Frederick they came to an amicable solution following lengthy negotiations between Snagg’s lawyer Keith Simmons, QC, and Quinlan’s attorneys Marlon Gordon and Harry Husbands.

The IT manager agreed to compensate Quinlan $2,000 for his injuries and $50 for the damaged shirt. The money was paid forthwith, allowing Snagg to escape a one-month prison sentence.

No conviction was recorded against him.

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  1. ive never been to Barbados but what I understand from this article is you can assault some one for no reason and then get away with it because you pay a fine !?

  2. wait ! wuh I in Barbados but I aint hear nuttin bout dis
    I had to read a St.Lucia online news to know bout dis. Sa- ka -fet ?

    • 23 years old and he want to tell the woman what to do ? come on man ! stop living in the past. You are stuck in time. It happens to people who leave Barbados and go to England and come back. They come back thinking it is the same year they left . ha ha ha

  3. He was trying to save her from a visa looking (date) boyfriend and this is the thanks he gets. The father know what that boy wants ( a visa); hope when her a-- get knock off, she don't come running to daddy

  4. It is good to know that tyrannical behaviour from a parent towards an adult child will not be tolerated!

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