Barbados: Employee steals Listerine and five bottles of lotion from supermarket

Barbados: Employee steals Listerine and five bottles of lotion from supermarket

(BARBADOS TODAY) – A 42-year-old merchandiser, who stole $105 worth of items, must be on his best behaviour for the next three months if he wants to keep his criminal record clean.

Roland Timothy Howell, of Lot 15, Breezy Hill, Halton Terrace, St Philip, today pleaded guilty to stealing five bottles of lotion worth $90 and a $15 bottle of Listerine, belonging to Savings Plus Supermarkets Inc on
November 22.

Howell was employed as a merchandiser at the My Lords Hill establishment. He was carrying out his regular duties on the day when officials were informed that someone was stealing. A review of the CCTV footage showed Howell taking the items, placing them in a bag and leaving the supermarket. He was later intercepted by police along Pine Road.

“Mr Howell has found himself in a desperate situation. He is the father of three and is the sole breadwinner in his household as his wife is unable to work because of a condition. He is sorry for what he did, he knows it was wrong but he was in a desperate situation. This is no excuse for committing the act, but I am asking the court to understand his position and be lenient on him,” attorney-at-law Kevin Miller said on his client’s behalf, while pointing out that Howell had already lost his job.

“He is already paying for his deed,” Miller stressed, also noting that the items had been recovered, and it was Howell’s first time before the court.

However, if he breaches his three-month bond, he will have to pay $750 forthwith to the court or spend six weeks at Dodds.


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  1. They give you work and you still stealing from them; now you have no job. Ungrateful people. Now where are your children going to get feeding


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