Barbados: Carrington wants Mia to say if she is gay

Barbados: Carrington wants Mia to say if she is gay
Former Speaker of the House Michael Carrington
Former Speaker of the House Michael Carrington

(BARBADOS TODAY) – Former Speaker of the House Michael Carrington last night called on Barbados Labour Party Leader Mia Mottley to declare publicly if she is gay or not, insisting Barbadians had a right to know what kind of leader they could be getting.

“If she is gay she should come out and say so and let you know what we are getting as a Prime Minister. I feel so because you should know what you are getting. I feel that you should know,” he said.

Carrington, who was the first to speaker at a lively Democratic Labour Party meeting in Deacons Farm, St Michael Tuesday night, said he stands squarely on the issue.

He told the large crowd that Barbadians knew clearly that Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is a Christian so it was important to know exactly what they were getting if Mia were elected Prime Minister.

“I am not interested in her personal life. You know what you have heard. I know she has never made a pass at me. Heaven forbid I have never made a pass at her and never will ’cause I am happily married. You should know who you are getting. You know that Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, he is an Anglican, he goes to church. I am a Christian. I am an Anglican. I go to church and I am a member of All Souls Church,” he declared.

The incumbent Member of Parliament for St Michael West claims he knows nothing about the BLP political leader only what he heard from her colleagues.

“In the law there is a perfect defence for defamation called the truth. If it was possible for you to defame me by calling me an idiot and you can prove that I am an idiot . . . it is the truth.

“Every single thing I heard about Mia Mottley I heard from the Barbados Labour Party . . . . people like George Payne, Owen Arthur, Kerrie Symmonds Dale Marshall and Ralph Thorne all of them. If they know her it means they are telling the truth,” the lawyer said.

Elections will be held here tomorrow.


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  1. Mr. Carrington, but we know who you are. What is that saying about people who live in glass houses?


  2. Small mind for such a big body. The government has no businesses in the bedrooms of the nation. Your age is showing. The world has moved on. We the people are concerned about having someone correct our direction and could not care less how the person lives their life.
    You seem to be quite preoccupied and insecure about your sexuality. Do you have more to tell us former speaker?


  3. This fool's party only managed to scrape up 20% of the vote. Meanwhile, Mia Mottley won a historic 74% and all 30 constituencies. Poetic justice.


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