Barbados blood bank under heavy pressure

Barbados blood bank under heavy pressure
It takes about an hour to make a blood donation.

(NATIONNEWS) — THE URGENT NEED for blood is not solely as a result of the upsurge in violent crimes.

This is according to director of medical services at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), Anthony Harris.

“We do have other requirements for blood; other illnesses require blood other than trauma. Every now and then you would have various types of blood groups that are short so we just try to keep our blood bank well supplied so that we can take care of anyone. We have other non-violent stuff that contributes to bleeding and require blood. Perhaps the non-violent and trauma situations are the largest groups that require blood,” he added.

The QEH recently issued another urgent blood donation appeal to help replenish the blood bank’s depleting stock.

But Harris noted the Accident & Emergency Department of the hospital was seeing an increase in admissions relating to gun violence.

“We always see the ones that die, but I would think that there are a multiple [that] have to be treated here [which] would put some strain on our emergency services. I think that we are able to cope right now with it. The surgery and orthopaedic departments do a reasonably good job of dealing with these patients, but it is time that is taken away from other things . . . . We have to take care of those otherwise they would become fatalities too,” he said.

Harris was speaking following a recent welcoming ceremony for medical interns at the QEH. (RA)


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