Banks to remain closed

Banks to remain closed

Buffalo-ClosedThe Bankers Association of Saint Lucia wishes to inform its customers and the general public that as a result of the passage of Tropical Storm Matthew, all banks will remain closed today Thursday 29th September 2016.

Most ATMs island-wide, online and mobile banking services are available. Normal operational hours resume tomorrow Friday 30th September 2016.


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  1. Tapytony ir whatever your damn name is. What an ignorant comment. If you were an intelligent person you would not make such assinine comments on this page. You would have used your debit card to shop or withdraw cash instead of taking a queue you insensitive idiot. Firemen, nurses etc are essential workers and bank employees are not. So you would go down to a bank in the midst of a storm and withdraw money to use where? To make bom I guess. Use the technology at hand and stop your ignorant comments fool.


  2. The banks are lazy. the previous letter on them was right. in which serious business minded country banks close at 2:00 p.m?.and they want to have a thriving financial services sector. you all joking and u people not ready. the workers at the bank even complaining on SNO that they have family too so they need time off during storm Mathew. u all did not go to school apparently and cannot reason because policemen, firemen, doctors, nurses also have family too and they are expected to be at work storm or not. all the banks are trying to do now is to steal money that dont belong to them from people's savings. the lucian banks are lazy no ands if or buts. the truth offends apparently.


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