Bank in Vieux-Fort evacuates customers

Bank in Vieux-Fort evacuates customers

(SNO) — Operations at the Bank of St. Lucia (Vieux-Fort branch) was suspended for today, Monday, September, 17, 2018, due to what is believed to be an electrical problem which resulted in smoke emanating from inside the bank.

The incident occurred after 9 a.m.

The alarm was raised by employees who ordered their customers to vacate the bank immediately.

Upon receiving the order, the customers scampered out of the bank not knowing what was the problem.

“They asked us to leave the bank immediately, but did not tell us there was smoke in the building ….” said customer Thomas Henry.

He said he wasted no time to vacate the building.

Another customer said she panicked when the alarm was raised and dashed out of the building in seconds.

Two fire appliances and an ambulance were immediately summoned to the scene.

This reporter could not immediately ascertain whether there were any damages to the building.

And there were no immediate reports of anyone getting injured during the incident.

Staff of the bank declined to comment on the incident.


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    • I don't care when you find the time to eat breakfast, just don't do it when I'm paying you to do a job, otherwise you end up with this scenario where I can was already paying you to sit around and wait for your water to boil and you went and nearly burned down the bank vault, causing hundreds of thousands in lost revenue and still having my to cover expenses that day.

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        • Old right wing talking points? That's right, ignore the elephant in the room and come up with solutions for a misdirection.

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  2. The bank needs to make a statement and let us know what happened. I n Ed to know if my savings was at risk.


    • The bank vault is fireproof. Your cash is also insured, as long as you don't have too much. Besides, cash isn't physical in the banks anymore, everything is done electronically. Why do you think bank robberies can take place without setting foot in the bank's country?

      The real question is, is your money secure? Because unless you are actively monitoring your balances on a monthly basis, any number of computerized threats are constantly trying to get at your money, hackers, identity thieves, unscrupulous employees. They either try to grab millions all at once or they siphon off a few pennies at a time from numerous accounts. Also the bank can decide to charge you a fee at any time without telling.

      Banks have had to refund me over the years for charges. Banks have had to refund hundreds of dollars to small business owners after they were able to take time off of their hectic day to do a proper reconciliation.


  3. Maybe if they stopped having breakfast when they're supposed to be working this wouldn't happen. Seriously, after 9 AM and you're just making your tea?


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