Bandits who robbed Grand Riviere family still at large

Bandits who robbed Grand Riviere family still at large

Two male bandits who attacked and robbed a Grand Riviere, Gros Islet family on Tuesday afternoon are still at large.

One of the victims of that robbery, Maria James, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the police told the family that they have not yet managed to get the bandits.

James said the police visited her home yesterday and reassured them that they will do all they can to get the bandits.

In the meantime, the police took photographs and fingerprints to assist with the further investigation. The family has also moved to improve the security of their home.

James, her husband and two daughters, ages 14 and two, had just reached home and was about to enter the house, when they were attacked and robbed at about 5 p.m Tuesday.

The family had already locked the gates when they were confronted by one of the bandits, who had a gun in his possession. The other bandit later came out of hiding and was keeping watch.

Both men were dressed in black and covered their faces with t-shirts. The family believed the men scaled the fence to gain entry into the house.

They robbed the family of one gold ring and a gold earring. The family’s wine cabinet was ransacked by the bandits, but they did not mange to take any of the items.

Luckily for the family, James’ husband used a cutlass that he usually keeps underneath their mattress and dealt them a few chops about their bodies. They however managed to escape by foot.

The family, especially their teenage daughter, has been terrified since the incident. The family was hoping that the bandits would seek medical care at a hospital due to the severity of the chops.


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  1. Don't worry about it. They will come out to the light. Trust me on that Anxiety or death must beat them to it.......


  2. Mr. James May The Lord continue to protect you and your family. The Bastrads will get caught soon or rot in the bush, they must be in soo much pain at this time, hiding somewhere.


    • Agreed. Maybe they crawled and died under some bush; if the injuries are as severe as the wife says.

      Hope they find them in any case to ease the minds of the family who may just fear a revenge attack.


      • uh-uh As despicable as this may sound, righteous families & friends of these arrogant robbers may be harboring them. smh Hope their wounds get infected which may force them to seek medical help...
        Like WAU mentioned,hope these rascals are found to ease the minds of the James family


  3. Shocks,that cutlass was not sharp if them fellows have not seek medical attention.I am so disappointed.I should be going to VH to see their faces.Smh


  4. They eh get hit hard enough....Me in ur place paps, i would be the one in hospital........with dislocated shoulder.


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