Bandits terrorising Marchand residents

Bandits terrorising Marchand residents
This man was shot by an off-duty police officer on Sept. 3, 2014 on Waterworks Road, Castries after he and another male tried to rob a 19-year-old college student. The other bandit escaped. The injured suspect survived.
Police said this man was shot by an off-duty police officer on Sept. 3, 2014 on Waterworks Road, Castries after he and another male tried to rob a 19-year-old college student. The other bandit escaped. The injured suspect survived.

A number of armed robberies have been keeping residents of the Marchand community, especially Arundel Hill, off the streets in recent times, as many are fearful for their lives.

One resident related his story to St Lucia News Online (SNO) after two armed bandits recently robbed him of all his belongings and threatened his life.

According to Jerry Altenor, two young men in their early 20’s, wearing masks and black hoodies, robbed him and his girlfriend of three cellular phones, an iPad and EC$60 on Wednesday, October 14,  at around 11:30 p.m.

“They cover their faces and get on the road and rob anybody they see. They take them at gun point and take everything they have and threaten their lives… As for my situation, we just had to drop everything and run. My girlfriend is pregnant and that is what she had to face,” he told SNO.

Altenor said he had reported the issue to the police and had given them a few leads that may lead to the arrest of the suspected robbers.

“There is this guy that recently moved here and started all this problem. He is the suspect and has been watching how the police patrol the area before he make his attacks,” he alleged.

Altenor said he is hopeful that the robbers will be apprehended and given strict penalties for their crime.

He said a number of other residents have been under the attack of the said bandits, as well as foreigners who from time to time visit the area.

The description of the robbers that attacked Altenor and his girlfriend matches the same that was given to the police by previous victims in the community.

“I am a hard working fella and to see that is that what happening, it’s hard. Working for your things and have to lose it to a bunch of idiots who don’t want to work is crazy,” he told SNO.


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  1. If the police go on a rampage to kill those criminals; I will assure you that it will not be a challenge. The criminals believe s that the law has no force and that is why they are behaving in this evil.


  2. How it's a challenge the police needs to go on a killing spree there ull see how crime will stop in town trust me Lucia don't hv bad boys asses they have


  3. Isn't Marchand considered part of the ghetto
    called " Grave Yard"? I am not surprised upon the high crime rate experienced and reported in this part of Castries. Its a depressed area full of criminals and petty thieves.They do not sleep at night over there in Marchand.This part of Castries is a challenge to the law enforcements as well.Its also a challenge to the goverment agencies too.Who can bring peace to this depressed area. Marchand definitely needs the peace coming from God alone.We are living in the last days.The area can benefit from street revivals.Who shall I send ?


  4. Wow christmas is still far away and the bandits have started there criminal activity I hope the cops are doing something about it I think it's time to create a new criminal list because hard working people don't deserve to be robbed on the way to there homes


  5. Police in St Lucia are u for real this issue could be dealt with in one day if you wanted to but you choose not too. Why because you want the whole world to see your business.
    Sort it out before people in these areas start taking the law in there own hands and you would have to give them right. X


  6. They need to die I came home to bury my daughter and got rob broad day light in the gap to come up Marchand from chausee road right deh by third world two big gold chains these guys need to get rid of


  7. That's where we have to arm our self also if police don't wanna help we take action our self, kill or be killed cause this is nonsense people don't work hard for other people the same way they can walk with weapon I can also


  8. I lived at Arundell until i was 17, went to school at ave maria, you could have walked this area all night long,this place was so peaceful.
    And right now all you can hear is Marchand this and Marchand that so sad.But regardless it will still be my home town. For people living there just be safe and protect u'll belongings..Marchand is not a bad place it is the rotten eggs who come to live there who tend to make it look like it is a very bad place.


  9. in a community the size of a postage stamp,it defies logic that the police cannot apprehend these scum,why not adopt plain clothes exercise or covert operations.


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