Bandits strike Grand Riviere home; chopped by home owner

Bandits strike Grand Riviere home; chopped by home owner
The bag used to pack the items.
The bag used to pack the items.

Two male bandits invaded the home of a Grand Riviere, Gros Islet family Tuesday afternoon, leaving with two pieces of gold jewelry and several chops about their bodies.

Maria James told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that she and her daughters, a 14-year-old and two-year-old, had just arrived home at about 5 p.m Tuesday when the family was attacked.

James said her husband had locked the gates and was taking a few bags up the steps when he was confronted by one of the bandits, who had a gun in his possession.

The distraught woman told SNO that the gunman came up behind her husband and pushed him inside the house and told them “nobody moves.”

According to her the other bandit was hiding downstairs, and within minutes, came to the front door and was keeping watch. Both men were dressed in black and covered their faces with t-shirts.

They demanded that her husband take off his ring and her 14 -year-old daughter take off her earring. They complied and the bandits placed it in their pockets.

“My children were like crying and terrified because he was pointing the gun at my children and me. He then demanded us to give up all the cash and asking for gold,” she explained.

The family’s wine cabinet which was ransacked by the bandits.

James said she told the bandits that they didn’t have any cash in the house. The bandits then demanded that the family bring out all the valuables, including tablets and other electronics.

He even proceeded to take out a few bottles of liquor from her cabinet and placed it in a bag. If that wasn’t enough, the bandits even demanded that James’ husband take off his shoes.

After packing the bag, one of the bandits took James’ husband with him to search the bedroom. It was at this point that James’ husband was able to defend his family.

James said her husband reached for a cutlass that he usually keeps underneath their mattress and dealt him a few chops about his body.

“My husband always has a cutlass under his mattress. When he started chopping him, he (the bandit) ran outside and ran over the other bandit,” according to the Grand Riviere woman.

James related that her husband moved swiftly behind him, but he ran away. He even dealt the other bandit a few chops and one major one to his back. Both bandits escaped by foot.

The police responded within minutes, but by then the bandits were nowhere close to the premises. The police will be searching for fingerprints on the bottles of rum that were left behind.

The distraught woman said the bandits were chopped so severely that they may need to seek medical attention. The police are hoping that they do, so that they can have them arrested.

Asked how she feels about the entire situation, James said: “That is so terrifying. I can’t even sleep. I never expected something like that would happen. I have to seek some counseling for my teenage daughter, she is very terrified.”

James told SNO that the community is not usually known to have robberies, but rumours have been circulating that people are being robbed almost several times a day at Union Road.

The Grand Riviere family is thankful that they were not hurt, especially their children. They are hopeful that the bandits will be brought to justice.


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  1. very well done sir i need to shake your hands. from now on a cutlass will be kept under my matress. to the teenager daughter i say do not be afraid for your daddy handles his business very well. again nicely done sir


  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Excellent. Rather splendid indeed. Say salop la. Good for them. Go find work to do. Well done to the gentleman for defending his family and his property. Its a shame this wasn't filmed. That would make a great Youtube video....hahahahahahhhahahaha


  3. mr.james the police should arrest u for allowing dem man to leave yr home with heads on they shoulders ,u must take a course with isis ,anyway BRAVO FOR A JOB WELL DONE .


  4. tht is it partner ypu did what you could have done. Greta Job .. The good lord will do the rest. Rest assured that they will be caught very sooon...


  5. Just last week I had an interview @ KM2 Solution and there were two young men one very dark skin looks like late teens scooping the area. Employees said tht they had rob two ladies earlier that week and when they called the police said they had no vehicles. The men lingered around for about an hour and eventually took a ride on a flat van heading to Grand Riviere. The had also rob a parwnt vehicle when she packed it near by to pick up her child @ Dame Pearlette. The workers in that area resorted to walking in pairs or group. No police protection. I hope some one turn them in.


  6. BRAVO Mr. should have chopped these two Bastards into fine pieces. make an example of other criminals out there will think twice.ou tay pou tee ya karlot tete say ish gas lar..Da ban volier



  7. This is one man who needs a gun. Families need to b careful how they enter their homes. Its not business as usual. Next time chop their dam head. U chop his head off