Looters strike St Lucia during Tropical Storm Matthew

Looters strike St Lucia during Tropical Storm Matthew
* Not the actual door at NSDC.

Police are investigating a series of lootings that occurred during the passage of Tropical Storm Matthew.

St. Lucia News Online understands that several business places including Hang Ten were looted.

Three buildings at the National Skills Development Centre (NSDC) located at Bisee were also looted.

The discovery was made by staff of the NSDC on Thursday morning around 6.a.m.

They reportedly told police that they first realised that the doors to three of the buildings were broken.

Upon further investigation, they discovered the buildings were ransacked and several items were missing.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has condemned these lootings, stating that he is disappointed that persons had taken advantage of the emergency to commit burglaries.

All of these incidents are currently being investigated by police.


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  1. I do understand all your comments on here i do condemned all robberies that took place on that stormy night i also condemned the government of st.Lucia which is both the uwp and slp for the negligent on young people in this country unemployment is the highest in the Caribbean rape murder all the ills of the country. I see this event as a massage to the country to see where we going as a people also the older people i blame them to for not setting a example for the young ones growing up so the trend continue i believe this is a cry for help the desperation that people will go throw to get money i have never seen it so we need to stop blaming young people and blame the polices makers ower young people need help


  2. I just don't understand those thieves.
    You mean to tell me those bastards used a storm to go out and take from citizens what they didn't work for, thats is beyond belief. I never knew my island had these nasty breed. They must be from a different planet. They sat down and planned all sorts of evil. I hope they apprehend those who committed these break-instructions. Oh lord help St.Lucia


  3. Why must people be so bad minded.Whilst people are trying to safeguard their lives and belongings these hoodlums see stealing from shops.And these same ones will come and beg for assistance after the storm!


  4. Proves once again that we are indeed a lost country.
    Sacway forlair tee ayen di too. Nothing better to do than inflict pain on people during a storm.


  5. The severest of punishment should be mete out for such lawless behaviour. This should be broadcasted with emergency preparedness advice.


  6. I relly want something to be done about that mon repos was a target too we are asking the authorities to allow the business owners to set electricty at those business place if that can be done they would stop every time is abraking god put a hand i pray that when they go to one of those business places they will stay right there there are police men that know them but what nothing can be done there are two in mon repos they need to do something with them dont just send them to bodalie put them among snakes people working to hard and they are out there doing nothing st lucians lets be our own police


      • ruff you your self stop writing nonsense,, the poor people have ritch families,, stop putting every thing on government,, and most of those thats poor are lazy,, there are disable people trying to do something to servive and some well able lazy bugs just want to tieff people things,, every thieves that got catch was supposed to loose both their eyes,, or both their hands,, and can never steal again


  7. I never wish no harm on no one,but in a terrible situation like this you mean to tell me the lazy cold hearted morons who prey on helpless people just to satisfy their own greed for designer cloths and jewellery. I say they all should of been electrocuted and the heavy water carry them all away never to be seen or heard of again,day ban volea'.


  8. Disappointed? We hired you to solve problems of this country. Crime is a major one. Don't forget that. Come down hard on the lowlifes.


    • He can't stop those thieves from committing those acts at a time like this but the punishment can be severe.

      What the hell is wrong with these animals in St Lucia they have to rob people's places. They need to start hanging again.

      That's when they will stop and Mary should come out and say something.


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