Bandits break into auto body repair shop at La Clery

Bandits break into auto body repair shop at La Clery

Police are investigating a break and enter which occurred sometime between Friday evening and Saturday morning, at Hilan’s Auto Body Repair Shop located at La Clery.

The sister of the business owner, Kimberley Verneuil, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today that her brother, Hilan Verneuil, made the discovery on Saturday, Jan. 2 at around 6 a.m.

Kimberley said her brother would usually sleep at his business establishment, but decided to spend New Year’s evening at another sister in Castries, and expecting a break-in was the last thing on his mind.

According to Kimberly, there is evidence of forced entry at the gates.

Her brother also suspects that the robbery may have been committed by persons who know him personally, have worked with him or live close to the shop.

“Based on where the items were, it has to be someone who knows about it and it had to be more than one person who robbed the shop,” Kimberley told SNO.

The bandits took a compressor and a spray gun, among other items from the body repair shop.

The business owner estimates losses of approximately $10,000 worth of items.

While a report was made with the police on the same day the business was discovered broken into, Kimberley claims that the police only showed up at the business premises on Sunday, Jan. 3.


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  1. Well dat in St Vincent already.

    And the popo doh have any database to compare finger prints.
    All they did was dirty up da man place with black dust.



  2. I am surprise the Police even showed up at the scene. Why did they even show up when they cannot collect any evidence. I just do not seem to understand how the Police system works at home. The guys look like the only showed them how to drink rum and engage in sexual activities when they are off duty. I read all the time how the police was able to crack a case and get the criminals behind bars. Once there is no eye witness to the crime then the police is done. If you hear anything let us know - this is what the police will tell the victim. What a waste of a bunch of idiots.


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