Bandits attack delivery truck in Barre Denis

Bandits attack delivery truck in Barre Denis

Bandits attempted to carry out a robbery on a delivery truck in Barre Denis this afternoon, Nov. 10, according to eyewitnesses.

Reports are that at about 4:45 p.m., a “Crix truck” had just parked outside “Happy Hour Disco” when a black vehicle stopped near it and two masked men, one armed with a gun, came out. Another male, the driver, stayed in the getaway vehicle.

They proceeded to rob a woman who was seated in the passenger seat of the truck. The driver was reportedly outside the truck doing business with the business establishment when the bandits attacked.

It was reported that the bandits took personal item/s from the woman, but it is not yet clear if they were able to get anything else.

No one was injured during the incident.

A number of residents watched in shock as the daring robbery was carried out.


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  1. I'm sure there were young men seated near the establishment and they did nothing.. we as citizens need to put a stop to those low life. We need to play our part..


    • Pure nonsense you talking. You don't go to a gun fight with bare hands. I would like to see you try it. There are more criminals with guns than license gun holders.


  2. I am sure I am not the only one who is tired of this nonsense. Every other week is a horrific crime and those in authority will talk about increasing tourism numbers when they have no solid plan to tackle the escalating crime! This is ridiculous! No one is saying there is a magic answer but there seems to be nothing being done.The criminals are more brazen than ever! You think it will not affect our precious tourism? Focus on the security and welfare of your people or it will come back to bite us all!


  3. We as citizens and government really need to do something about the crime rate in St. Lucia. I think it begins by putting our political affiliations aside and coming together as St. Lucians to address the problem head on. The increasing crime rate seem to be a representation of one or more societal issues that we are ignoring right now. Where do we begin?


  4. Satan...have you'll under his control,from serious accident in Gros Islet,to robbery in Barre Denis.You'll see the robbers brazen in broad day lifht they commit crimes right under you'll nose yeah,whiles youll think is peace safety and sanctity.You'll in deep shit,keep sitting and flossing like the criminals skinning teeth,you'll need soldiers like...I will keep saying it SSU to deal with these criminals leprosy because tourist is you'll daily bread,and this will become a thing of the past if these robberies continue.St.lucia need a Military Force it's high time youll modernized and upgrade youll shit.And you'll need man power maybe the Americans or British can help you'll fill in the man power you'll need,these criminals need to be put in check,and all these mf guns,still entering the country.Or are the guns coming from inside from our politicians and police them selfs...Thats why no damn crimes cannot solve rouge cop's,criminals them selfs.Tourist robb in soufriere thats a damn fucing shame,now you'll want to boost up security.You'll to slow,moving like fucking snails the damage been done the people got robbed,giving St.Lucia bad name and bad looks.And murder after murder yeah,the criminals in charge them is boss of the town.Crooks chasing Cowboys out of town,youll good St.Lucia you'll good.


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