Bandit shot while attempting to break into bakery

Bandit shot while attempting to break into bakery


One of two suspected bandits was shot in the leg while attempting to break into the Morne Bakery.

The incident is reported to have occurred at around 3:38 a.m. today (Jan.10).

Reports are that police saw two men attempting to break into the business place and opened fire.

Winston Fortune, 39, of Ciceron, sustained a gunshot wound to the right leg.

Investigations are ongoing.


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  1. Good job it was about time for the police to take Control of this no good lowlife's. There should be more police on the Street.


  2. i am killing myself laughing here !!! is there no one out there can find fault with the officer shooting???? everyone(trust me myself included) finding satisfaction in the salop getting shot.I guess thats because when we see things like at Christmas time vagabonds taking away clothes from a hard working shop owner we get a little satisfaction that not all of them get away with crime.

    P.s. officer adjust your gun sight a little bit more up..........not much more just a foot or so above the knees and to the center then you sure to get the target and make all Lucians happy..


  3. That is interesting,when its a mad man the cops dont shoot them in the leg. Crooks should be going that same channel.


    • Now! Now! Be nice to the Officers. They probably didn't kill the so and so because it was the Sabbath.


  4. why is the leg? those animals should be.....
    ok. well don the U S A can't open their stink on that one.


  5. go look for work instead of stealing the things that others worked hard for. you better thank God that the officer did not shoot to kill. this is your second chance use it wisely.


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