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Bandit had a “good job”; court grants him $5,000 bail

By SNO Staff

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togetherm3Twenty-five-year-old Reynolds Alfred who has been charged in connection with a foiled robbery in Babonneau allegedly told investigators that he was employed at one of the top resorts on the island, according to reliable sources.

Sources say the Carielle, Castries resident told officers that he was employed as a chef at a hotel, sources say.

Though it is not yet clear if officers have since verified this information from the accused, several persons, commenting on the story via our publication, said the bandit had a good job and a good career ahead of him.

A reader named ‘Disgusted’ said: “I am so disgusted at this guy the sad thing is you have a good job, a career ahead of you and you leave work to go and do that crap. Shame on you that’s what you was thinking to do after your night shift. Seriously.

“The sad thing is the boy have a good job . He left work at eleven in the night to go and do that Crap! Shameful”

Alfred was granted bail in the sum of $5,000 cash, suitable surety or by land documents when he appeared in a court in Anse La Raye today on a robbery charge, police said.

Conditions of his bail including reporting to the Central Police Station every Wednesday between 9a.m. and 6 p.m., remain indoors from 12 midnight to 8 a.m., surrender all travel documents, not to leave the State without the court’s permission and stay away from the Girard, Cacao area area, police said,

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  1. Young man you are blessed. Always remember the father is in control and not man, it's his ways and not man.They will never understand that. Bro, just give GOD the Glory and praises due unto him and he will continue to bless you. I feel sorry for you'll​ FOOLS you'll SAD.

  2. Hey chef. What's cooking in your devious mind? Strange way to moonlight, chef by day and bandit by night. I hope you stew in hell.

  3. Greediness, want everything they see. Many are unemployed and don't steal or commit robbery. Should have been thankful for what you have, stop the competition and dump the girl, if she's causing you to commit crime to keep up.

  4. Jomoshamgar Lubumba I

    Earth Day Warning! Look closely at the grass-less rocky spot near the coastline to the bottom right of the Maria Island major. You can see the face of a sleeping Goddess - woman. Please, Mr PM, be careful You wake Her up? Her wrath will drive you Mad! The Gods make whom they hope to destroy mad, but this Goddess will make everything you touch bewitch....including your wife and children.Please Mr PM, Tread softly on Mother Earth. You will become modi (curse)!The cost is too low..... “A healthy ecology is the basis for a Healthy Economy” ~ Claudine Schneider
    Worrying about the Economy, “But, it’s the environment Stupid”?

  5. Jomoshamgar Lubumba I

    The Government, Maria & Pigeon Island. Is Not Chastanet’s Property
    It Belongs to the People, Not Him!

  6. Wait! I thought unemployment was the cause of crime.



  9. Wah de man can't go baboneau to commit suicide

  10. Reynolds my be a bad man but nobody has ever complained about his cooking.

  11. Next time still some food from work instead bro u don't need no mask u are chef u cood cook

  12. Why did they throw his ass in jail because thst where he wanted to be ?

  13. Now he is jobless. not a chef , not a robber. unemployed.

  14. mate maybe get a lash of frying pan on his head after work then it make him go an do that. A ass alone that go do that, not to say you unemployed ah awa for mate.

  15. I did nit know St.Lucia had states

  16. He can now be classified as a criminal employee. A robber. He should only get bail on condition he reveled his accomplices. Our courts encourage crime.

  17. I hate to see nonsense

    Wha better deh had just shot met ..real and say is in fighting for the gun ..but I guess somebody else had other plans for the gun now he and his friends can terrorize the people..what a ting .

  18. This young man was shown smoking a reefer in another picture.That's what is happening all over in St.Lucia these persons are on drugs legal and illegal making them more emboldened to do outrageous things.Public safety and government must step up to what is taking place and pass new laws.What about the gang law that was passed is it being enforced.All of us must work together to stop that menace by a small bunch of undisciplined persons.The path to progress is education and skills all of which are offered in St.Lucia.

    • Oba you're an idiot. Obama smoked reefers did he ever rob people. Speak from a point of knowledge, don't repeat unfounded claims made by people with no evidence to support their claims.

  19. What salary was he on? Having a job means nothing if he could barely maintain himself.

    • Thats is beside the point!!still doesnt give you the right to go cause harm and distress to others!He's not the only one with money problems..I know lots of people leaving from hand to mouth and would not think of doing something so ridiculous.enough said

    • Shut the fuk up... That's your excuse? Im sure if he budgets he will be ok. Young men like the high life. Jordans, lacoste' fitted caps, big gold chain, alcohol and weed. Thats the crap they spend money on. If he is ambitious he will survive. You do not have to steal! Choops

    • Thats what u saying Mr. Dale Jacobs? You seem to be making excuses for the guy....why? Am I to assume that you feel that if you don't make enough money to pay your bills that you will go out and steal? i to assume that you, Mr. Dale Jacobs, are a thief as well? These are some really thought provoking questions Mr. DALE JACOBS.

      SMH....we need to be careful with the things we say, especially when we use our full name in the comment section.

  20. This guy shouldn't be granted any bail cuz he's a criminal he's ass should still be lock up for good; chance is are he will go back and do the same thigs again and again possibly kill some body.thanx god he get caught and exposed his ass shame on you young man.too bad.

  21. Yes he "HAD" a good job. Grounds for termination. Smh

  22. thats all your side job my g lol smh you is an ass

  23. Mate worked at sandals

  24. "remain indoors from 12 midnight to 8 a.m"........... no more working night shift or maybe he's already been fired.

  25. You can put a pig in a palace it is still a pig . Regardless what job he has he is still a volle the hotel did not know that he was a wolf in sheep clothing. Thank goodness no one at the hotel had been hurt by this man because when you catch a volle in action he can do anything. One exposed many more to go.??

  26. A guy attempts an armed robbery and is captured and the courts grant him bail..only in st.lucia..

    are the police serious about keeping the lid down on crime,,

    • Gun criminals should, never, ever receive bail! It defeats the deterrence value. Are you still wondering why the criminals are not scared?

    • The gun was not the court cant penalize him severly its jus on wat the witnesses say and yet without much evidence he mite b able to walk from that case cuz the court culd assume that the witnesses are lying

    • .... and robbery with a nasty firearm.

    • My bro, the police are the not the one who grants bail but a magistrate or judge! Majority of times the police are as frustrated when certain magistrates grant these ridiculous bails to these offenders! The prosecutors try their best to have them remanded but 95% are not successful! That's why majority of cops avoid going to court or do not show up! That's our St.Lucian justice system to you!

      • TRUE....but still not the majestrate that make the the book of law it is ones democratic right to be granted bail once its not murder..where it doesn't apply with all murder cases..i guess most likely who u know and the name u carry.if its good for the goose its good for the gander....this is how the manipulative system make their can either like it or put it in your pip and smoke.

    • Andrew26
      I support your position all the way. This entire crime fighting thing is a farce. There is a very issue of guns on the island and you are releasing folks on bail!!!! Crazy.

  27. Some of us are of the opinion that lack of employment causes crime and this might be the case but in reality lots of crimes committed are done by people that are employed and those who can maintain them selves financially. Study the history of crime and you will notice majority of crimes had nothing to being unemployed..But it is worth noticing that is has to do a lot with the wickedness of men's heart. That is a Sin problem.

  28. That title misleading.

    It can be interpreted to mean that because he had a good job, court granted him bail.

    • That's the reason a comma was not used. The use of a comma and a semi-colon makes the difference if you know the English language.

    • Ok, Reader, just be prepared to be witty & open-minded when reading SNO news. (If that news is not the hottest bresd in the country, then what is?)

  29. He had a good job.Alot of criminals out there have jobs,some of them is the same ones breaking and entering the same companies they work for with their friends at night,and then come back to work next day like shit ain't happen.This man is a church boy by day and criminal at night.And he get bail since when criminals suppose to get bail.These non efectiv laws,you'll suppose to pass justice,remove the blindfold over her eyes.She can't see.Stupidness and more stupidness every day.If he had kill one of these people now.People comitting murder and they're allowed bail.These Lawyers will go to hell for defending criminals its all about the monies lawyer's -liars,bail my ass.

  30. i wish they had just give him the land documents so that he can stay inside longer cause when you go to the land registry now a days you not getting your stuff it taking how long

  31. Doe Take a badman role if u know it nuh fit yuh!!!!!!! Daman is a big ass!!!!!!!

  32. Is the suggestion then, that he still has a job at the hotel?


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