A man from Balata, Babonneau received only a probationary sentence for chopping a man multiple times out of revenge earlier this year.

Jean-Mark Joseph, 27, was given two years probation with conditions when he appeared in a Castries Magistrate’s Court yesterday for sentencing.

The conditions include that he attend anger management and parenting classes with the Family Court; attend Turning Point, a rehabilitative/counseling institution; and classes with the National Skills Development Centre or a similar organization, in an attempt to gain skills for full-time gainful employment.

He must execute all the conditions and attend all classes or face up to three years in default. He is further bonded, along with the complainant, to keep the peace for one year or in default spend three months at Bordelais prison.

According to court records, Joseph is charged for wounding Miguel Alexander, also of Balata, Babonneau, on June 30, 2012 at Balata.

Both men were reportedly involved in a fight earlier in the evening for undisclosed reasons.  However Joseph testified in an earlier court sitting, that when he arrived home, he observed marks on his body and became angry and decided to seek revenge.

He said he then picked up his cutlass, wrapped it in a garbage bag, and went to the complainant’s home.

Joseph further testified that on his arrival, Alexander reportedly told him: “Do what you come to do.” Joseph then proceeded to chop Alexander five to six times with his cutlass, the court heard.

Alexander received cuts on his head, shoulders and ribs.

In his plea for leniency, Joseph apologized to the court for his behavior in a previous court appearance, admitting he has a temper problem he wishes to control. St. Lucia News Online understands that Joseph was removed from the courtroom for disruptive behaviour.

Joseph also begged for a non-custodial sentence, saying it would hinder his ability to take care of his three children.

In handing down the sentence, Magistrate Charon Gardner said she will accept Josephs’ apology to the court.  The magistrate added that Joseph is an “intelligent young man who is not employed” and needs to get his life in order.

She told Joseph that the court only grants one chance and he needs to take advantage of the chance being handed to him.

Gardner said she took into consideration that Joseph is a father and sole breadwinner of three young children, ages 5 to 8; he apologized to the court, and had the support of his mother.


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  1. Alexander looked for his trouble. he pushed it alot and Joseph didnt almost kill anyone. chpzzz. only minor bruises. he didnt chop him, he slapped him with the cutlass, not with the sharp part. *words from a witness! They both are my friends and none hv rite


  2. knowing him and how times are hard its amazing he got someone to give him a chance, not everyone gets one, not everyone deserves one,not everyone can afford one, so now she made it available for him to make a difference and a good one at that, i hope he takes full advantage and shows that life can be turned around with a bit of faith and help. I was expecting the worse for him and now the ball is in his court, it could be a lot worse if he went to prison what would he have come out as, if he came out, so I for one am glad and appreciate the faith that Magistrate Charon Gardner had in him on that day I just hope he does too. everyone deserves a chance at life


  3. Does that Magistrate have any common sence? Is she for real? Did she really pass the bar exam I think she get her credentials from a cracker jack box I swear. Charon if you read the SLNOL I'm telling you to your face you are an imbecile and a disgrace to the law of the land, this article should never be printed because people will read it and think every St.Lucian have lost their green banana saltfish and oil minds.


  4. SMH. Now I understand why there is so much violence in our island. The pepetrators know that the justice system will save them.


  5. Two years probation for almost killing a man but if was weed or a gun and bullets he would be locked up for 10+ yrs OMG what kind of justice do we have here and then we wonder why all that crime happening.


  6. SERIOUSLY? two years probation for almost killing a man? thats attempted murder. SNO thanks for exposing the justice system


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