Bagatelle teen charged for murder of Guyanese man

Bagatelle teen charged for murder of Guyanese man
Matthew Defleurmon Jr. (left) was charged for the murder of Michael Pooran

(SNO) — A 19-year-old from Bagatelle, Castries is now facing a charge of murder in the killing of Guyanese national Michael Pooran.

Pooran, 26, was stabbed to death on February 24 in the community.

Police from the Marchand Police Station responded to the incident around 5 a.m. on that day.

On February 27, Matthew Defleurmon Jr., aka Bow Man, was formally arrested and charged for the offence of murder.

The police said he was escorted to the First District Court where he was remanded in custody.


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  1. Ur right Anon1. Women and shitty mothers are the main cause of most social problems plaguing St.Lucia. its againt popular opinion to say so because women are protrayed generally to be helpless victims. But they are to blame. They give birth to, and protect criminals and raise them with savagery and anger. Fatherless boys growing up to be emotionall wrecks...just like mama


  2. I dunno; I need more facts on that case before I comment further. It was 5:a.m. that's early morning; why was a young boy with him at that time? more investigation should be done on the case


    • It was a party.... They were all there. These bagatelle fellas always targeting the guy cause of his sexuality. I was at the party that night. They asked the guy to leave and told him he was a bullar
      The situation escalated from there.. Bow man always fucking with somebody when he drink. After u kill the guy u still try to kill his friend cause the friend saw what happened. Had to run for his life. I hope you rot in jail


      • Well , the boy will learn about karma . he was against a bulla, now they will bull him in prison and he will have to live with the fact of what he did every day. as they bull him, he will remember the guy he kill. you don't have to agree with the practice, but you can't go around abusing someone calling them names and killing them because of who they sleep with. i hope he is put in jail for life. thats a bad seed. no redemption possible.


  3. Anon1....Why did you have to post such garbage? Did you forget your MOTHER was the first? Nigger you put the LOW in low life stupid.


    • no need to name call the person. he/ she speaks an uncomfortable truth. we women should be careful not to make kids just so, especially we have so many ways of preventing it. and a lot of lucian women and i know quite a few, dont look after their kids and run behind man instead. who give them another kid and the cycle continues. the authorities need to put laws in place to report these mothers and fathers who abandon their kids and they should face jail time. these people could not do that in the UK or US. We need to get tough on parents raising kids and we need to also provide basic support as a society too.


      • Yeah but when Chastanet made the same references you are making there they tore him up for his comments rather than being honest about it and saying that's what needs to be done.


  4. 5 a.m. hmmm. i am not jumping to conclusions, but what were you guys up to so dam early in the a.m.


  5. What are they on that they have to be killing people and others in their age group like that? What are they smoking? What are they drinking? Is killing their form employment? Why are so many Saint Lucian mothers popping out just pure bastards out of their wombs?


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