Bag stolen from Canadian tourists in Castries recovered

Bag stolen from Canadian tourists in Castries recovered

(SNO) — Police said the bag that was snatched from two Canadian tourists on Saturday, has been recovered with all its contents except the cash.

The tourists, David and Carol Goss, who are in their 60s, were on their very first visit to the island, and had vowed never to return, according to a tourism official.

The official said a young male robbed the couple just before midday Saturday morning as they walked along a road in Sans Souci, Castries, in search of the local museum.

“The attacker grabbed the wife’s bag which contained all personal items, ID cards, bank cards, and cash. He ran away,” the tourism official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“This is very bad for the country and is eroding all the hard work we are doing to bring visitors here,” the official added.

Except for a scratch to the wife’s face, as the assailant grabbed her bag, the visitors were not harmed, however the incident has left them “shocked” and ashamed, the official reported.

According to the official, the tourists, who were staying in Soufriere, had visited Castries for the day to see the museum.

“They were scheduled to stay another week or two but they are ready to leave. We are trying our best to work with the authorities to locate their ID cards and to ensure they’re well taken care of before they leave. We hope this will not deter other visitors from coming here, as this is not a frequent occurrence. Saint Lucia is still safe,” the official added.

The tourists said they have been enjoying the beauty of the island and the friendliness of the natives until this incident and vow not to return, the official disclosed.

“It’s a shame. Saint Lucians should not know they when we rob and harm our tourists we are shooting ourselves in the foot,” the official added.

The circumstances surrounding the recovery of the bag was not immediately clear.



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