Bad weather blamed for LPM’s protest march being postponed

Bad weather blamed for LPM’s protest march being postponed


The Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM)-organised protest march which was scheduled to take place today has been called off.

Party leader Therold Prudent said the decision was taken due to the inclement weather, but noted that another date will be decided soon.

“It’s not a reflection on as the LPM or me as political leader because at the end of the day we can’t do something which because of rain, people don’t want to show up,” Prudent told the media.

The LPM has been mobilizing people from across the country for a number of weeks to participate in the protest.

It was aimed at urging the government to address: high unemployment, crime and the poor state of the judicial system.

The march was scheduled to commence at 4:00 p.m. at the Vigie Playfield and at the Derek Walcott Square.


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  1. I think that was a sign showers of blessing stay at your home because you not ready yet... and you can`t do shit


  2. This may be a blessing in disguise because i wanted the LPM to add one more petition to their list, and this one is called "The Public Wants Francois." Recent pronouncements by the Government have informed that the Commissioner of Police was asked to retire "in the Public interest." When one questions the majority of the public, they all claim that Mr. Francois was well liked and they were satisfied with his work. The Government has now sought to retire this gentleman in the interest of those who have no problem with him. Isn't that a conflicting situation?

    Therefore we the public are now calling on the LPM to launch this petition in our name, since we are not too sure that the Government is acting in our interest. Does any one know what is best for the public apart from the public themselves?


  3. Yeah right. ."blame it on the rain"....
    I believe that they could not moblize a large enough 4pm it cloudy but no rain


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