Bad Saltibus road putting lives at risk!

By SNO Staff

A resident of Saltibus has drawn attention to a deteriorating road in the community.

The resident, who does not want to be named, said the slowly-collapsing road is placing the lives of people at risk.

“This is upper Saltibus, a road that people drive on every day. There are 10 homes being affected by this and no one looks like they care. Maybe when someone lose their life they will do something about it.

The resident said the authorities have been made aware of the condition of the road.

“Yes they have and all they did was put a ‘no entry’ (sign). It’s been that way over a year now. And the thing about it is people trying to drive on this road every day.”

St. Lucia News Online hopes the authorities will take swift action in light of the fact that this is is the rainy season.

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  1. clearly you can see the ignorance of some people this is why nothing gets done in st.lucia talking about who was and who was not there wher this hapen this is pure ignorance talking about Taurus don't frequent this area I have been up this road tourist do come up this road there is a very nice waterfall of this way and even more this is where the community's main water source comes from all this is not the problem here this is a public road people are being affected because of the condition which is heartbreaking trying to pass this road is a very big risk that is being taken and something should be done about it

  2. People pay bus fairs, taxes, vehicle insurances and licences. So why is it most of the roads in st.lucia are deplorable. Give the youths and the idle minds something constructive to do. Give lucians good roads. Avoid the casualties.

  3. Disturbing state of affairs. Situations like these require IMMEDIATE attention. Trust me, if the issue affects any government minister or high ranking officials, or any of the aristocrats they usually find the funds to address it ASAP. However, anytime it's the poor or unprivileged, well crapo smoke your pipe!

  4. New Testament Verse of the Day:
    He gave a mighty shout: "Babylon is fallen - that great city is fallen! She has become a home for demons. She is a hideout for every foul spirit, a hideout for every foul vulture and every foul and dreadful animal."

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  5. The last time I checked the road has always been like this even when Lorne was there
    Why weren't you complaining then ?

    • We're always complaining and FYI Rufus started foot paths then stopped halfway and told us if we wanted the road after elections he will complete it and Lorne started fixing the main road but stopped about 15ft before that part we eh care who in power roads we need so stfu... All politicians are the same false promises so if u eh have nun else to say shut up..... Red yellow red yellow is all sum of url know a miracle ppl like u eh start blaming politicians for the common cold and the weather

    • Ppl like u will start blaming the party u don't support for the common cold n the weather because all url see is red and yellow red n yellow. Rufus was there b4 Lorne and started a concrete road for us and he stopped it halfway and he told us if we want him to complete it vote for him and it will be done after elections, then Lorne fixed how many parts of the road like darban drains paved road and walkway because they really needed it busses wouldn't go there to drop off the people, even park estate he started and he paved a piece about 30ft before this damaged part and stopped I won't lie idk y he stopped but he did more than may ppl have done in Saltibus. We eh care bout politicians all of them are the same empty promises, we need roads and have been complaining 24/7 we eh give 2 shits bout red n yellow we talking about now n u still in the past i jus hope nobody eh fall there cuz they will die. So if u eh have nun better to say shut up cuz it eh affecting u

  6. We the people of VF South hereby declare that it's ok to collect the salary of our representative to fix this road. We understand this is where he resides and cannot justify his monthly salary regarding our representation in the house.

  7. now this is the thing i have been saying, if the time is the issue stop saying you dont have time and make time. i believe the ministers should take at least one day in a month at least to go about their respective constituencies and see whats going on. they said that this road has been like this over a year now, so who was the representative at the time? was it that lousy Lorne Theopholus? if it in deed was him no wonder the people down there move his scont in that seat.

  8. Wonder be fixed until the next election, tourist dont frequent that area sadly

  9. How will the country move forward if Ministers are not doing what they were appointed to do? Community development ought to be a primary concern for Ministers who were oppointed by the community members themselves. This is what they are being paid to do from the had working taxpayers of this country. These images are threatening. Why do the government Ministers have to allow the roads to deteriorate to this stage? As citizens of this country we are pleading with the government to do what is necessary to preserve the lives of those who may be victims of this situation waiting to be a disaster.

  10. They always wait for someone to loss their lives before the right thing is done. No tourist coming that way!!


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