Backpacks and school supplies for the children of Riviere Mitant

Backpacks and school supplies for the children of Riviere Mitant

PRESS RELEASE – Echoing the theme “Each One, Help One,” the leader of the Lucian People’s Movement, Therold Prudent, intends to do precisely that.

On Friday, August 22nd, 2014, he will make good on his promise to deliver backpacks and school supplies to a group of children in the Riviere Mitant community of Gros Islet.

Prudent states that while the ongoing initiative aims to lessen the financial constraints on parents and is perhaps a first small step in brightening the life of a child, it does not in any way address the fundamental and recurring issues of hardship which many Saint Lucian families are currently experiencing.

We must give families a fair shot at arriving at a reasonable stage of financial independence in their lives, and the only way in which this objective can be met is through the creation of well-paid jobs in the country, Prudent concluded.

Representatives of the Riviere Mitant Development Committee will assist with the presentation.


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  1. Good job Mr Prudent. I think we must take into consideration that we are all in the economic crisis together but some of us are better able to cope. We should therefore stretch out a helping hand to those in need.


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