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Back pay delayed until end of August


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The Ministry of Public Service has promised that back pay owed to daily paid and non-established workers will be issued by the end of August.

The workers are now expected to settle back on the job after threatening industrial action last Wednesday. They had been told by letter that the monies would have been paid by July 31. However, no payments reflected on their salaries.

The workers, represented by the National Workers Union, descended on the union’s office demanding answers. Union officials puzzled, accompanied the workers to the ministry.

They were told that a computer glitch had prevented them from receiving the payments. The ministry officials assured that the monies would be paid by this month.

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  1. Da rich is geting richer and da poor is geting down y..

  2. yet again u see the lack of respect for the hard workimg people of this country!!

  3. computer glitch, we're so dumb we accept that excuse and just shut up about it until end of month until another excuse, come on people

  4. Where is Musa and his big mouth. Who is disrespecting workers now? Boog bwa..

  5. really, i am sure there is no delay in payments made to politicians both government and opposition............I KNOW , WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!


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