Babonneau man reported missing three weeks ago returns home safely

Babonneau man reported missing three weeks ago returns home safely
Hilarius Springer.
Hilarius Springer.
Hilarius Springer.

PRESS RELEASE – Forty-year-old Hilarius Springer of Balata, Babonneau returned to his dwelling house on Tuesday, October 6, 2015.

He was reported missing by his wife, Ketura Springer, who indicated that she last saw him on Monday, September 14, 2015.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force expresses gratitude to members of the public who assisted in any way or form in the investigation of this matter.


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  1. hilarious just wont stop his nasty ungodly habits. he needs a good beating . you married and you still doin
    dem things


  2. Old habits die hard wife do some research.Also hilarious you wasnt no missing wife should have change the locks on the house. You just eh want to live your nasty habit grose chpz


  3. If he returned home wearing the same clothes he disappeared with then he was with a La Diablesse but if he had new clothes then he was with a jabal.


  4. Good he is back home safely. Can someone tell the public where you found him? We are a bit concerned. Remember he was reported missing, what happened to him? We do not need all the details. But, just an explanation. Seriously!


  5. What an idiot! That's what he did to his wife? And shes on TV begging and pleading fro him to come home? Listen Dude how would u feel if your wife did this to you? Is there were problems this is'nt the way you deal with it ! stay and work it out or make it clear u are walking away ! don't just disappear! This isn't right for your family! Lets hope u man up next time and deal with it as a man!


  6. aa lol mmmmmmmmmmmm i think i know where he went hahahaha...interesting....wonder what excuse he's gonna give and he better come good too 😉


  7. So where the heck was he? The public needs to know! They should charge him for knowing that he was
    a missing person and did nothing about and people's time were wasted.


  8. With a name like that I'd never take the report serious...Sarcasm(for those that just love to debate & argue)


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