Babonneau man charged for killing his girlfriend

Babonneau man charged for killing his girlfriend
Dillan (left) and Janique
Dillan (left) and Janique

(SNO) – Police have formally charged a man who was the suspect in the killing of his girlfriend 32-year-old Janique Stanislaus.

Police said 25-year-old Dillan Donaie of Fond Assau, Babbonneau, who is charged with murder, appeared in court on Monday, August 6, 2018 where he was ordered remanded.

Stanislaus was discovered motionless at her Hospital Road, Castries residence on Monday, July 30, 2018. Police received the report of the homicide around 11:10 p.m.

She was pronounced dead at Victoria Hospital.

Following investigations, police went in search of Donaie.

He was however captured by the lawmen two days later, on the afternoon (around 5 p.m.) of Emancipation Day, Wednesday, August 1.

Reports are that Donaie was participating in the Gros Islet carnival jump-up when he was caught.

Earlier that day, around 6:50 a.m. an altercation occurred during the j’ouvert in Gros Islet town which resulted in police shooting a gunman who had moments before shot and injured two other men.

As a result, the afternoon session of the carnival activities was cancelled. It was however reinstated shortly after, with a large contingent of law enforcement officers patrolling the town and surrounding communities.

But this apparently did not stop Donaie from continuing to enjoy himself – but thankfully exposing himself and getting caught in the process.

Television news reports claim that Donaie, who was recently released from prison, was seeking to work things out with Stanislaus, but apparently things went haywire, resulting in her death.

The accused is scheduled to return to court on September 7, 2018.



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  1. I hope this man gets the death penalty for the killing. No one deserves to be killed in such manner.


  2. I think the man like the rod in his backside. so he wanted to go back to jail to take it big time. that fella clearly not interested in a woman front. so he kill her. so this old dirty bullah, kill a lucian woman. boy u dont need to take jail. you need to be eliminated because jail for bullahs is a reward not a punishment.


  3. Instead of protecting our beautiful empresses we are killing them.The fire must burn wicked heart!!!
    Sleep in perfect peace black queen..?


  4. Very Nice Girl.. met her at the Castries Health Centre she doesn't pass a day without ailing me... dirty rot in jail....


  5. He clearly is a feelings or empathy. I feel like very little coverage was given to this story and as a woman I really feel it for what she must have gone through. May her soul rest in peace and I hope he never walks the streets again


  6. But no mention of anything just that the body lay motionless. he strangle her? Well boy seems like de girl tell you she he want u again. Back inside to get your a--- f-- I guess.


  7. It's clear that this guy doesn't like his come from jail only to right back up The Bordelais Hilton...


    • SMH. He probably thought that he would have never been caught after committing such crime. Back to Jail dude!


    • She was a nice girl she was not looking for trouble with anyone. Mate need to stay jail for 20year no return that what i want for my best friend death


      • andreapopo1970

        That's not the case someone life is taken away from her and her family. They need to take more serious action to many people dying and they going jail for a couple of years and back out. whats the life he took.


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