Babonneau man agrees to pay after mediation session

Babonneau man agrees to pay after mediation session

Lance Richard of Babonneau was today, Nov. 6 ordered by the Magistrate’s Court to pay $6,000 in compensation to Lyndel Florent, Andre William and David Preville.

The charges stem from a brawl on Oct. 30, 2009 in Balata, Babonneau between two groups of men. A second case with more serious charges arising from this incident was mediated in the High Court.

Richard is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and causing harm against Preville, assault with dangerous weapon against Florent and assault on William.

Richard, who appeared before Magistrate Christine Phulchere this morning, raised no objection to attempt a mediation session.  The matter was immediately referred to the mediation department on Brazil Street, Castries.

The mediation report indicated that all parties had tentatively agreed to a settlement of $6,000.

A payment schedule was agreed upon after the agreement was accepted by Magistrate Phulchere.

Richard will make monthly payments to the complainants beginning January 31, 2013 until July 31, 2012.

If he fails to pay, he will be sent to prison for six months.

Richard is set to appear again on August 9, 2013 with his receipts as proof of payments.


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