Babonneau, Mabouya Valley chosen for land bank pilot

Babonneau, Mabouya Valley chosen for land bank pilot

(GIS) – The Ministry of Agriculture has identified two possible locations to pilot a land bank project.

Agricultural crown lands in Babonneau and Mabouya Valley have been chosen as the ideal locations to pilot the project, currently underway within the Ministry of Agriculture.

Kwesi Goddard, Agricultural Engineer connected to the project, said the first point of action was to sensitize major stakeholders and national counterparts.

“We’ve had an inception workshop to bring together heads, farmers and potential land users, to get everyone on the same page, and identify the challenges that may limit us from achieving the stated goals. This is one of the first things, to get everyone on board, following which we will have the input of the majority into the proper design of the project.”

The second point of action was to identify the pilot areas.

“So we’ve just begun and we’ve identified two pilot areas – one pilot area in region two in Babonneau, and another pilot area in region three, which is in Mabouya Valley. We’ve had some participatory role appraisals with farmers in regions two and three where farmers voiced their concerns and identified the issues they think would be a hindrance to the project. They also made reference to various uses they had in mind. They really supported the project in that sense, and said the initiative was very timely.”

The project seeks to first identify and assess crown lands for agricultural use, and then move on to evaluate privately owned lands.


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  1. The project is mainly to identify agricultural land so they can be zoned and used just for agriculture. Often agricultural lands are subdivided for other purposes such as housing.

    I agree this report did not state what exactly the project was.


  2. Another good move by the government in an attempt to revitalize the Agricultural Industry, there is no need for the island to be importing produce from overseas when we can grow our own and be self sufficient? Not everyone were cut out to be taxi drivers nor are they capable of purchasing a vehicle to do the job but the land could be revived no matter how long it has be left to fallow.
    I do hope the new Minister will do his best to accomplish whatever needs to be done for the industry.


    • Another good move in an attempt to revitalize the agricultural industry, according to you, but the question is what is the project and how is it going to revitalize the agricultural industry? Maybe you have the answers since you have given such raving reviews? But nothing in this release have provided the information.


      • The Crow, what's up?
        Well it was mentioned I think last week that the government had picked out seven products that they would be attempting to increase the production of in the near future so I guess these areas will be the model farms for such a thing. It's good to start somewhere which is better than not doing anything at all.



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