Babonneau embraces Ezechiel Joseph

Babonneau embraces Ezechiel Joseph
Ezechiel Joseph. Photo: UWP

PRESS RELEASE – Hundreds united on Sunday, 10th April, 2016, at the Babonneau Playing Field to greet United Workers Party candidate, former Senator Ezechiel Joseph.

All speakers on the United Workers Party platform urged St. Lucians to carefully evaluate the terrible condition of the economy when choosing a new Government and to rest assured that change is coming.

In his address, Mr. Joseph highlighted his plans for Babonneau as well as his policies to assist in the revival of the country from its current economic drought. At the forefront of Mr. Joseph’s plans is the construction of a home for the elderly in the constituency of Babonneau.

The residents of Babonneau can also look forward to accelerated refurbishment and construction of schools, sporting facilities and water supply facilities. Mr. Joseph plans to implement sustainable sports programmes within the constituency, starting with the schools and reaching out into communities.

He plans to encourage both men and women to participate in sports in order to benefit from all the health and employment opportunities that exist in sport.

As part of his vision for Babonneau, the former senator also aims to create affordable housing and gainful employment. By way of housing developments, employment will be created for construction workers and at the same time provide affordable quality housing for residents. Mr. Joseph believes that in order to create employment we must also look at agriculture and construction to assess how these sectors can be improved for not only short term but long term sustainable employment.

Mr. Joseph promises that the UWP is a party all for creating employment and has no intention of removing the NICE programme. The political leader has pledged to continue the NICE programme subject to improvements for the overall strengthening and better administration of the initiative.

Mr. Joseph will implement a “youth in agriculture programme”, introduce new technology in fisheries and provide support for fishermen and farmers. He urged his constituents not to take this election for granted. He asked for their support to continue the work he started.

“We are not coming to look for work. We are coming to work for you” said Mr. Joseph.


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  1. Well, well, well! After all the posturing, you guys are admitting that NICE is a wonderful initiative.

    The next question is, what would a UWP government do with STEP? I will dare answer . . . Keep it.

    Boy y'all really full of it!


  2. Good to know that you have plans for Babonneau. Now till us where that money is coming from. More VAT or WHAT !!


  3. Lol.
    You mean UWP supporters in Babonneau.

    Talking about "delusions of grandeur." Lol



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