Babonneau celebrates Jounen Kweyol with new initiative

Babonneau celebrates Jounen Kweyol with new initiative

Manifestation of Babonneau and its Creole identity will be displayed at the unique celebration of “Babonneau an Kweyol” on October 26, 2012.

The event is expected to be a perfect opportunity for patrons to truly experience the rich and traditional culture of Saint Lucia.

The Babonneau Constituency Council anticipates the celebration will bring the spirit of Creole way of life as experienced through dance, cuisine, arts and music.

Council Chairman Auguste Gaspard highlighted the council’s commitment to undertaking this venture, to foster unity and revive culture in Babonneau.

“What we want to do is to invite as many people as possible, especially as a family, to come out of their homes; to come early to participate and enjoy some of the cultural activities they have missed for quite a while. We are hoping that they will come out as a family unit.  There will be activities to entertain every member of the community,” said Mr. Gaspard.

The Babonneau Constituency Council Chairman also expressed the need for residents of Babonneau to get involved and be part of this dynamic event set for the district.

“Some of the cries of the youth are that not many of the activities are for them, besides sport. So here is an opportunity for them to participate; here is an opportunity for them to learn of the culture of their fore fathers; here is the opportunity for them to be active in it and learn the cultural habits, the cultural activities that their grandparents use to participate in. It is great opportunity, so turn out and enjoy a night of culture,” he said.

Highlights of the event will include exhibitions of business houses and government houses decorated in madras and other cultural colours and persons dressed in traditional wear. In addition, the well-known Sigwe Solo group Cher Cher, a solo and drum group from Chassin, and Babonneau’s own quadrille group will headline “Babonneau an Kweyol”.


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