Babonneau burglar said he did not act alone

Babonneau burglar said he did not act alone

Kurty Wilson of Babonneau is set to stand trial for burglary.

The incident took place at Chassin, Babonneau at the home of one Charmaine Anthony.

Anthony is reported to have left her home on the morning of July 10, 2012 at about 7:30.  She returned home with her husband at about 7:10 pm; at that time the evening news had already begun so they stayed downstairs to watch the news program.

After the news, Anthony proceeded to her bedroom, located on the top floor, and begun a nightly ritual of removing the jewellery that she had worn that day.  It was at that point she noticed that her jewellery boxes and pouches, in which she stored her jewellery, were scattered. She then conducted an inventory and noticed several pieces of jewellery were missing.

The police were summoned and the lawmen conducted a search of the premises.  At that point the officers noticed that a window had been used as an entry point.  A further search of the bedroom and the house proved that a number of items, including electronic items, cell phones and other jewellery, were also missing.  The total value of the missing items is EC$17,700.

A few days later, Anthony was called into the CID and asked to look at some items.

The items included two cell phones, which were identified as hers, as the serial numbers matched the numbers on the boxes which were still in her possession.

According to court documents, Wilson is on record as having offered restitution to Anthony for the items, however in court, when given the opportunity to make a statement, Wilson said, “Not me alone that do the crime, The officer had arrest me and *** but I doh see ***.”

Wilson will stand trial for the offence and will return to court on July 19, 2013 for report.


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  1. well the police is **** 's friend so its up to you who went to steal learn to work for whats yours *****ni tit ou pa ni good for you


  2. this is interesting. so the defendant calims he didn't act alone. police arrested more than one individual but only one appears in court. so not enough evidence on the other individual???


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