Babonneau boy recovering from injuries; relatives want justice

Babonneau boy recovering from injuries; relatives want justice


The seven-year-old Babonneau boy who was allegedly attacked and beaten by a 15-year-old male on April 8, is recuperating from his injuries, relatives have said.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that the boy could be released from hospital soon. However, he still has some difficulty chewing his food, because of his injuries.

The Babonneau youth is also walking, but he continues to experience severe headaches.

The child’s aunt, Lisetta Monrose, is reported in the media as saying that the alleged perpetrator is allowed to go about his daily life freely and no seems to care about her nephew’s condition.

The woman said she would like to see justice served in the matter, and the teenager arrested, because her nephew has positively identified him as the person who allegedly assaulted him.

Initial reports indicated that the older male made what relatives described as an “indecent proposal” to the injured boy, and the latter promised that he would tell his mother.

In an effort to stop him from doing so, the older male proceeded to allegedly attack the seven-year-old, by lashing him several times to the head with the use of a wood.

He was taken to Victoria Hospital, where he remains a patient.


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  1. ppl the 15 year old goes to skool freely and we need to expose him if he is not ashamed of what he has done his friebds communicate with him not knowing this is crap andhe living freely while the little boy is suffering expose we have t expose him that shoul not be accepted


  2. I am so disappointed at this criminal system in St. Lucia i am embarrassed i look at this and am angry come one this young man should be in the police hands, he committed intention to commit murder he wanted this child dead because of his wicked mentality if it was in me he would be arrested before this child got his first injection,this is humanly disgraceful, and then it will die just like all those other hidden and other cases.And then his family with negative mind will say their son did nothing ,he is not taking jail or they will have sex with the devil this crap in St. Lucia has to stop and having nenen and paaweh to hush,RIDICULOUS .we need some serious forensic and lie detective here majority will go to jail ain't it.FEELING PISSSSSSSSSSSSEDDD.


  3. This is one of the major problems we have in St. Lucia. PEOPLE ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS and no one is held accountable. Too many issues are left unattended by the authorities until it reaches crisis level. Hence one of the reasons why we have so many problems in this island. A large majority of people are not taking their job seriously apart from being incompetent.


  4. Are you kidding me the fifteen year old is walking all around the area like nothing happen? That's St.Lucia ,now somebody hold him down and skin is ass the law will get involve I always believe in street justice, nothing is going to come out of this watch and see it is already done with I tell you. That boy should be in big man jail because he committed big man crime punk @#$.


  5. We cannot afford to ignore this NEWS story; neither can we allow this to go
    unchallenged. Bullying is a criminal act and must be stopped. Make an example
    of that one, before this habit gets out of hand. Please help raise a decent society.


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