Axcel Finance gives to Ava Maria Girls Primary School

Axcel Finance gives to Ava Maria Girls Primary School

Axcel Finance has made a contribution of pens to the students of the Ava Maria Girls Primary School ahead of the 2013 Common Entrance Examinations and Minimum Standards Exams.

According to a press release, the company made the gesture while keeping in mind the importance of a sound education.

“Good writing and critical thinking are the two most important skills with which you can live,” Axcel Finance said in the release.

“Good writers are highly prized because so few people can write well. Writing well opens the door to advancement in almost any field you might choose in the future,” the company said.

It is hoped that with the new pens, students will have one less thing to worry about when they sit their exams.

The company said it is proud to have been able to make the contribution and wished the young ladies the best of luck in their exams on June 12 and 20, 2013.








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  1. I see the interest on these (predatory) ummm.. I mean carnival loans are being spent wisely. Keep it up


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