Axcel Finance accelerates a young athlete

Axcel Finance accelerates a young athlete
Nicholas LeBrune (right), an up-and-coming sprinter, receives a scholarship and gifts from Axcel Finance represented by Kerryl Antoine (centre) along with his coach Martin Charlery
Nicholas LeBrune (right), an up-and-coming sprinter, receives a scholarship and gifts from Axcel Finance represented by Kerryl Antoine (centre) along with his coach Martin Charlery

For the past seven years at 5 am, you can find a young man running at the Camille Henry Memorial School grounds and making his way to the Vigie beach.

The 20-year-old athlete, Nicholas LeBrune, has been facing new challenges: managing his demanding school curriculum while pursuing his athletic aspirations.

His single-parent mother was determined to have the best for her son’s growing aspirations. This week, Axcel Finance came to their support.

Nicholas, his mother, and his coach from the Rockets Athletic Club, came into Axcel Finance under the disguise of applying for a student loan. Only to find out, to their surprise, that Nicholas was selected to be the recipient of a partial scholarship and an educational gift.

He will be receiving a partial scholarship towards Monroe College to pursue his studies in bachelors – business administration and a new set of track shoes and suit to enable him to continue running and achieving greatness on behalf of Saint Lucia. He is a stellar student and a gold medallist sprinter in Saint Lucia.

Dyke Francis, a client relationship officer at Axcel Finance, spoke about his personal story of combining a challenging job while still taking up football as part of the Castries league.

“I can appreciate Nicholas’ ambitions as a young athlete and aspiring professional. I am certain that our company’s involvement will propel him to greatness,” Francis said.

Nicholas’ mother, Lynette Marlock, was very emotional during the presentation, and as a mother who wishes to see her child’s success, thanked Axcel and noted: “It is with great appreciation I express my utmost thanks to Axcel Finance for giving my son the financial support in continuing his dream both academically and as an athlete, especially the sport he loves, track and field. Words cannot express how gratified both Nicholas and I are, with this assistance he pledges to continue working hard, setting his sights high and achieving his goals. As a single mom this is indeed a proud moment.”

D’Anthony Charles, business development manager of Axcel Finance, was proud of this initiative as it “embodies Axcel’s values of excellence and community involvement. As a student, Nicholas is determined, as an athlete he is has won medals in 100m, 200m. This initiative is part of our commitment to the development of our community’s social and economic mobility.”

Martina Charlery, president of Rockets Athlete Club, said: “I was so surprised and so happy when I heard last night I was receiving a track scholarship from Axcel Finance for one of our star athletes.”

Nicholas LeBrune concluded by saying: “I have overcome many challenges in my life and feared I will not be able to support myself during my studies. Axcel Finance is making the statement today that it believes in developing Saint Lucian young talent and for that I am deeply grateful.”

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