Avot Service executing school tours

Avot Service executing school tours

As part of its annual programming, folk drumming and singing group Avot Service is executing school tours to educate students about the need to appreciate and perpetuate the Kwéyòl culture.

Last week the group entertained teachers and students of Vieux-Fort Technical Institute and Anse Ger Secondary School. This week they will be performing for students attending the Sunshine Pre-School, Belle Vue Combined School, Pierrot Combined School, Grace Combined School, Ti Rocher Primary School and Vigier Primary School.

Avot Service was established in 2004. The members of the group hail from the community of Belle Vue, Vieux-Fort. Their main mission is to maintain the proud legacy of Belle Vue as a place that produces talented folk musicians.

They are inspired by Joseph Rameau Poleon, and his stellar contribution to the cultural landscape of Saint Lucia in fulfilling the mandate of his role as “Papa Kilte”.

In its early stages, Avot Service was very instrumental in organising Jounen Kwéyòl celebrations in Belle Vue. They quickly became one of the main staples at cultural activities hosted in the south of Saint Lucia. They consistently wowed the crowds with their sensational folk melodious songs.

Today Avot Service is widely known as one of the premier folk bands in Saint Lucia. They perform at all major cultural events such as October Fest and main stage Jounen Kwéyòl events.


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