Aux Lyon resident demands public apology from St. Lucia’s CMO

Aux Lyon resident demands public apology from St. Lucia’s CMO
Dr. Sharon Belmar-George

This is an open letter to Dr. Sharon Belmar-George, Saint Lucia’s chief medical officer (CMO), from a ‘concerned resident’ of Aux Lyon, Dennery.

Dear Dr. Belmar-George: I am from the community of Aux Lyon and I have always admired your level of professionalism in conducting your job. I have found myself on many occasion defending positions taken by you. However, today I find myself questioning the very professionalism that I admire and have defended on many levels.

In your recent report on Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 cases, you stated that: “The Ministry’s tracing team have been able to link all cases to establish a common link to the Aux-Lyon community on the east coast of Saint Lucia.”

Is it not established policy that the communities are NEVER mentioned when relating medical information? Am I to believe that this was a slip of the tongue?

Is it not true that out of the 63 persons tested in Aux Lyon, only two persons turned out positive?

As we speak, are there not four positive cases in the communities of Marc and Ciceron, respectively?

Was Aux Lyon the first known community with COVID-19 in Saint Lucia?

Is it not true that the person in close contact to case #29 all turned out negative, including his girlfriend?

So when you establish Aux Lyon as the common link, it leaves me more questions than answers. Please do not give me reasons to question your motives for scandalizing Aux Lyon as the common link.

Aux Lyon is a closely knitted community with approximately 3,500 residence. Out of this, two persons from the community tested positive. Other communities have had more than two persons. These communities have not been mentioned or scandalized.

You have now managed to stigmatize the community of Aux Lyon. As a result, the consequences will include shunning from persons of other communities as well as shunning of persons on their jobs. The confirmed case of the lady at Castries Comprehensive, please help me understand how she is linked to Aux Lyon.

As experts we need to be careful what and how we report issues, especially those that have lasting consequences.

Enlighten me as to how the tracing was able to link Aux Lyon to all other cases given that case #29 has refused to cooperate with the officials. Is something missing here? I pray that you will never compromise your integrity and professionalism under political pressure.

I look forward to a public apology to the people of Aux Lyon. I will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves and I will seek legal counsel if needs be.

Concern Resident


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  1. We reserve the right to know where the community spread is. That way we can keep ourselves and loved ones safe from the virus. If the spread was rumored to be Cap Estate you would expect confirmation of that wouldn't you. Silly.


  2. Who ever wants to take legal action against the CMO please please please go take legal action against the hard headed people who are coming through back with this deadly virus. May the Lord have mercy upon St. Lucia less we have a cricis in this country. Blame the people from the communities coming into the country the illegal way.


  3. There is relevance in any case where an injustice is highlighted and condemned. All of those who are supportive of injustices usually have a change of heart once it hits home. See how many circulate graphic images of victims of accidents and violence however, when it is a relative they call for other people to disease from the practice. All I can say to the supposed supporters of this injustices of the CMO is "tanto-tanto"


  4. Is this really relavant rite about now that goes to the people challenging the press release to. My word


  5. I wonder who that concerned citizen of Aux Leon is. If he a politician?
    Please discourage people from coming in through the back doors and help save your life, your friends and family's life and my life. Covid does not discriminate.


  6. Better time would be spent helping the cmo and government reporting the illegals arriving in the community from the French islands


  7. One thing about us lucians we are never in unity with each other. Too many times politics is mentioned in our conversations. Whether it is true or not we need to understand everything is not political and all parties are the same in most cases.
    With that said I believe if the CMO is giving out information on cases they should rule out every form of information about the positive people. It is not right to label some and others are kept hidden. This is bias. Everyone is afraid to be associated with Aux Leon residents due to this so in my opinion the letter holder did nothing wrong.
    Lucians argue about everything but can't see what's really the problem. If we don't agree with the letter we just need to keep shut. The person said nothing wrong.


  8. Perhaps it is necessary to follow all the previous reporting patterns by the CMO and other health officials in regard to positive COVID-19 cases before the ones detected from Aux Lyon. It is important to do so in order to compare the two reportings (previous cases and Aux Lyon cases) with a view to get a true understanding of the narrative of that letter. Then one can be in a better posture to level cogent arguments and possible comments. Too often we jump impulsively into serious and sensitive matters paying careless and reckless regard to the consequences. As a society we owe it to each other to be treated with empathy, dignity and charity(LOVE). When these aforementioned are deficient or non existent we unfortunately breed this status quo. I urge each and every St. Lucian to rise up to proper education, rise up to the emancipation from mental slavery, rise up in solidarity for positivity and yes rise up to the expression of blessed love one to another.


  9. I can't understand St.Lucians at all at all at all. So people are no longer entitled to feel hurt or dissatisfied about anything now? Once someone voices their opinion it is a problem and they are labeled being political? Where is the empathy towards our fellow men. I'm certain if it were someone of a more prominent neighborhood everyone will be like yes they deserve an apology. Why do we have to hate each other. The people who support UWP are the most incentive set of people ever. Yes I said it. Y'all are prejudice towards y'all own kind and that's sad. Y'all get defensive once someone speaks up against things that are directly affecting them. Y'all will believe anything and everything thrown in y'all faces by the masa but stomp on y'all own and this is heartbreaking. I will never stop talking or defending the defenseless or my country. I am not a sell out and truth is truth, lies are lies, corruption is corruption, good is good I will call things how I see it no matter what. Some of you people need to learn how to do that.


  10. All around the world the areas affected are being mentioned.
    In addition to this the UK, has an app to help each individual know when they're in an area with high level of COVID cases. The government is asking everyone to download it.

    Why should Saint Lucia be any different?
    NONSENSE! Go ask the stubborn people who refuse to try and follow protocol for an apology or those who show symptoms and refuse to report it and spread it instead.
    THE CMO has done nothing wrong. Go seek your attention elsewhere.


  11. The people commenting that what the person is saying is nonsense should be ashamed of yourselves. The people's reputation from Dennery has been tarnished. The people are being chastised and discriminated against. How would you people feel if there was this sort of stigma associated with y'all community? Why do we always have to be against our own. The couple from Caralle it's as if no attention or emphasis is being placed on them and their situation is more grave because their son attends school. The bus driver his picture,his number plate his residence and everything else was all over social media and news stations but y'all concerned about the person who has covid-19 at the CCSS school and worried about tarnishing the person's name. REALLY WOW. It's good for some and not others. I am taking this virus very seriously hence the reason why I want answers about the couple from Caralle, their work place etc. Just as it was done for the bus driver and everyone else. Y'all are putting y'all trust in the wrong set of people. When I think of the CMO the saying that goes don't trust everyone even salt looks like sugar comes to mind.


  12. There is lots of merit in this letter and just because you people are not from the community should not be any reason for not exercising empathy. Discrimination and stigmatization is eminent in such situations as fears are heightened or increased and individuals start to practice all measures which may ensure self preservation. It's instinctive of human beings. That doesn't take away from the fact that there are more cases in every other community where mass testing has occurred. The focus is kept on case #29 when there is little to no evidence that he is responsible for or has contributed to any of the other cases. Therefore, leading people to believe that the epicenter of the community spread is Aux leon is wrong and a public apology is on order.


  13. Exactly all around the world the areas affected are being mentioned.
    In addition to this the UK, has an app to help each individual know when they're in an area with high level of COVID cases. The government is asking everyone to download it.

    Why should Saint Lucia be any different?
    NONSENSE! Go ask they stubborn people who refuse to try and follow protocol for an apology or those who show symptoms and refuse to report it and spread it instead.
    THE CMO has done nothing wrong. Go seek your attention elsewhere.


  14. Some of yourl here to too in love with the cmo as if yourl want the woman. Is it because shes fair skinned so she dont make mistakes she isnt supposed to be challanged or questioned


  15. REALLY?????????????????????????????????
    Girl get a freaking life and let the CMO do her job


  16. Legal counsel for what exactly..........Someone please explain to me why this rubbish made news. Woman try to assist in managing the outbreak rather than finding useless fault....Sigh......No matter how great someone is they will always be the subject of srutiny.


  17. Your concerns are noted.Personally I am happy to know that you are concerned about your community please assist in other civic matters, but why mention politics in your letter .Just doing this qualified your letter to be shredded.


  18. 'The confirmed case of the ... lady at Castries comprehensive, '

    Don't do to others what you dont want done to your community. The official report from the CMO never mentioned what the lady did at the school. And here you are doing it. Arent you further causing stigma? Keep the school and the person's alleged work out of your discourse.


  19. An public apology for what ? what will an apology do exactly ?The fact of the matter is Saint Lucia has Covid and it is imperative that people are aware where the such cases are so others are mindful and don't become complacent and say there is no COVID in St. Lucia and go about their merry way. Political pressure my eye .When will you people understand that this virus has nothing to do with politics....Madame CMO keep on doing your job to the best of your ability. Great Job so far ZERO DEATHS so far lets hope it remains that way . God help us


  20. For heaven's sake STOP THE POLITICKING!!!!! The CMO has more important things to do than to deal with your emotional banter. She is trying to avoid an outbreak of this deadly disease so you will have to wait for your apology. Feel free to seek legal counsel if you have cash to burn...smh. Everywhere in the world the names of communities are identified including within the Caribbean region. Identifying impacted communities can actually help to limit the spread. You HACKS just enjoy making mischief....


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