Authorities urged to fix sewer line in Micoud

Authorities urged to fix sewer line in Micoud

unnamed (3)A Micoud businessman is calling on the authorities to address a major problem that has been affecting his property and business for the past several months.

The owner of Tiger’s Service Station, who asked not to be named, said the drainage from the Micoud Secondary School has been the source of the problem.

“The water from the school’s roof, gutter and the septic system, does not empty into the septic tank or the main drain alongside the multipurpose complex,” he told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an interview.

As a result of this, the water has for years been drained out into the street and under the foundation of his home and gas station.

“The property is constantly wet and as a result I have even had to deal with a buildup of fungus/mildew over the years. The stench is now unbearable to the point where my customers are now threatening to stay away from my business if this continues,” he lamented.
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But this is not the only issue, as the septic water is now in front of his home and business where infant,primary and secondary school children wait for their buses.

“There are days when kids will step off their buses and splash right into this bacteria infested water. This is now a health and environmental concern that needs serious attention,” he asserted.

In addition to that, the water has now compromised the foundation of the businessman’s house and business structure as well as the concrete wall alongside the house, to the point where it has began to fall.

He has also recognized waterlogged areas in the ground where his his unleaded and diesel lines are stored.

To avoid damages, the businessman changed the fuel dispenser and realized the sand mix under the canopy of the gas station was saturated with water also.

“This immediately had to be addressed and the gas station had to be closed for some time to remedy the problem, as it would be a catastrophe if water got into the fuel lines. I must point out that this came at a cost both operationally and financially,” he told SNO.
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It has been close to six months now since the service station owner has written the Micoud Village Council and Member of Parliament for Micoud North Dr. Gale Rigobert who visited the area twice to assess the situation.

The Environmental Department in Vieux Fort was also informed of the issue, and according to the businessman, the matter has now been referred to the Ministry of Health and the Water and Sewerage Company of Saint Lucia.

To date, however, water continues to run out of the foundation and across the driveway of his home and the gas station.

“We’ve had a few incidences where school kids have slipped when trying to get to school. Our safety during business hours for staff and patrons is now a major concern. We recently resurfaced the driveway but the constant flow of water under the foundation continues to undermine its stability and costs again have been incurred for repairing same.”

He continued, “I have been tolerant of the situation but this can no longer continue as my home and business are being compromised. I ask that the authorities look into proper drainage for the school compound so as to correct this anomaly and prevent future costs being passed on by way of damages.

The businessman said he is frustrated and would like to see that the authorities find a permanent solution to the problem.


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  2. And while at it fix the road. Micoud suffer enough. Only community in which labour would not dare fix the road and now the constituency of the PM . So dont neglect Micoud or else Micoud people will not be tolerant next election.


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