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Authorities plan “immediate relief” to traffic congestion on Castries-Gros Islet Highway

By Julita Peter, GIS

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Choc roundabout.

Choc roundabout.

GIS – The Government of Saint Lucia has commenced consultation on the Castries-Gros Islet Highway Improvement Soft Solution Project.

The first leg of the consultation was held on April 7, at the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Labour, with the main objective of developing a soft solution to bring immediate relief to the traffic congestion currently experienced on the Castries-Gros Islet Highway.

Chief Engineer in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Albert Jn. Baptiste, said congestion relief on the Castries-Gros Islet Highway is a key priority in the ministry’s transport strategy for the 2017 fiscal year.

“Further to our policy directive, the Ministry of Infrastructure has moved to prepare an important strategy for the Castries-Gros Islet highway involving soft measures. To take this imitative forward, the department, recognizing the wealth of knowledge and expertise which exists in both the public and private sector, seeks to engage key stakeholders in formulating proactive dialogue, a plan to bring about immediate relief to road users.”

Facilitators for the consultation were drawn from several sectors namely construction and engineering, transport and hospitality, sales and management, the public sector, safety and law enforcement, and civil society.

“We invite all parties to work together to formulate a soft solution strategy in a concrete and practical way,” he said. “Our primary objective for the day is to identify traffic hotspots which can be targeted immediately with soft solutions to reduce congestions.”

These soft solutions, according to the Chief Engineer, are expected to be low cost, minimally disruptive and easy to implement.

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  1. We need to widen the roads period, it should have been mandatory for the Transport dept. to do so.
    Widen the roads and bridges island-wide!

  2. The mess was created by successive govts run by empty headed politicians. The traffic woes are mainly as a result of ill-planned development- all the focus of housing, employment, education, recreation has been in the NORTH. Therefore, the population followed in grand style.

    The best solution may be viagra hard ie- put a temp. halt to housing, commercial, industrial, educational, recreational, touristic developments in the north and encourage a southern, western or even eastern shifts.

    The soft solution is to be approached by staggering opening and closing hours of businesses- everyone is trying to get work for 8- try 9 for some esp. govt offices. VOILA!!!

  3. Wake up we have done and paid for more studies on the north south road ..OPEN IT,,Take the weight off the city...

  4. Rodney Bay gap should have a kind of round about, using half of the road to go straight G.I. to Castries, the other half to use in a round about. Alternative to cover the drainage and use it to make a wider road to have a lane to wait when going into Rodney Bay.
    In the same area, is there no way for the mini bus drivers to pass trough the medical center parking lot and come out on Rodney Bay road for theyr way to castries?
    Corinth gap....when coming out from there its a feeling like you play Russia Roulette with 1 bullet in your revolver and pull the trigger.... you don't know if you will survive.

  5. One soft solution would be route city-bound morning traffic coming out of the Caye Manje/Monchy junction into Babonneau via Rivierre Mitan.

  6. the same message repeated in different ways, nothing was explained sigh.

  7. Why these guys have all type of degrees and when they get busted the want the public to assist them in the shit they doing. .they thinking of the Castries to and from GRos ISlet highway. What about Union closest to Dame Pearlett Primary School why should one spend over 30 minutes to get out of that stretch of road. Have a good look at it. There is enough space to add a lane turning east bond when approaching the junction. The other lane is for vehicles going towards the ministry of infrastructure and into Castries. If not put a smart policeman to conduct traffic. I say smart because these traffic officers cannot conduct traffic at all..sorry to say that but that is the reality. Secondary they want to charge people for not wearing a seat belt, but they fail to stop and charge bike riders fro not wearing a helmet. They will charge you for not wearing a seat belt, but will allow a van load of people in an open back vehicle, they will charge you for not wearing. Seat belt, but they will allow load music ., drunk drivers , over speeding on our roads, they will charge you for not wearing. Seat belt, but will charge you for just charging sake....

    • Seems you got a ticket for not wearing a seat belt from them. Seat belts saves lives. Have you ever seen someone not wearing a seat belt end up in an accident how they are been thrown from the vehicle.

      • it's the drivers joice to buckle up or not or bikers not wearing a helmet. but fact is he do not harm anybody by not wearing them.
        Compare this now with drunk driving/no car insurance/lights not working/speeding/dangerous overtaking/....

  8. There are no real soft solutions unless of you planning on changing the work hours for some businesses. I think the Ministry is just reacting to he fact this UWP government doesn't want to make an investment in the highway. They stalled the process which was already approved to upgrade the highway. They even went to the Kuwaitis to see if they could redirect the money that had already been approved. The problem we have right now is an issue of capacity. The highway capacity has been exceeded since the 1990s. It's just becoming more and more acute now to the point that regardless of the day or the hour there's traffic congestion. Perhaps the Government should go consider some soft solutions to creating employment in Vieux Fort instead of the monstrous DSH Project.

  9. There is no solution for stupid drivers.

  10. Unfortunately, a 'soft' solution can never solve or help fix a 'hard' problem. This 'small' way of thinking always leads to more problems and much waste of good money.

  11. You can bet on it, things are going to get worse by the time the "consultation" is completed, and lots of money which we don't have, would have been spent on consultants, and things will be even worse after the recommendations of the "consultants" would have been implemented.

    • U misunderstood. No consultants. Different approach. Involve the persons who the traffic congestion affect to speak out. So there was consultation amongst them. Not a single consultant hired. The minister has a different approach unlike the previous. OK

  12. The main people to involve in there are the traffic officers who are directly involved with the traffic...

  13. This story tryna take out our mind on dsh/meria/ and dolphin in struggles

    • lol. U actually hv your mind on DSH and Dolphin. Smh. I feel sorry for u. U ain't hv children and family and yourself to worry about. Anyways comment on the Highway. I think it's a good move by the gov't. What u think?

  14. Way papa

  15. A report to say who will be doing more talk....when I read the headline I was expecting a concrete plan...not this wordy explanation saying nothing really!

  16. This report gives no info on what is going to be done.


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