Authorities investigating “lambie” bust

Authorities investigating “lambie” bust

Two men are in custody after marine police intercepted them in a boat en route to St. Lucia with a considerable amount of conch or “lambie” as it is locally known.

Marine Unit Commander Finley Leonce said the matter is currently under investigation and the vessel in question is at the Marine Unit compound in Castries. He promised further details in a subsequent report.

Conch is globally deemed a vulnerable species and hence is listed under the Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES). While there is no “closed season” locally for hunting conch, a CITES permit would be needed by anyone wishing to import or export the species. Moreover, permission is also needed from the chief fisheries officer to conduct cross-border trade.

Chief Fisheries Officer Sarita Williams-Peter told to HTS News4orce that a country issuing a CITES permit would basically be stating that its conch population or any species under the license is healthy enough and that it is acceptable to extract that amount for the purpose of exportation.

“For importation, the process is usually conducted through a myriad of agencies through the Ministry of Trade and there is a process for that. When you bring it (conch) in, there is a customs requirement, quarantine requirement, before it can come into the country,” she added.

The chief fisheries officer noted that there are penalties under the customs, fisheries, health and trade acts for the illegal trading of conch and other such species.

“So there are certain requirements that must be met before you can bring in products especially for food consumption. It’s a safety issue as well – [you have to look at] where you’re getting a product [and] was it stored properly; how would it impact people if they were to eat this [and] if it was not inspected by an official from the Ministry of Agriculture, particularly the Veterinary Division,” Williams-Peter stated.

According to, a Canadian government website, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is an agreement to ensure that international trade in wild animals and plants do not threaten their survival.

Some species of wildlife can be legally traded, but many require permits to cross international borders.


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  1. so in the mean time what is going to happen to all that lambi is it going to be wasted and spoilt or are yall going to deport the lambis back where they came from?


  2. Government of St Lucia, so very sad your priorities are misplaced. Bring in work for your people and don't waste the tax payers money on such minor issues. The people have to live.
    Spend your time cleaning our little island of corruption and have the guts to put the people of the country first and not your friends.
    One day the Caribbean will be cleansed of all corruption when the people will be strong enough to stand up and fight to put all corrupted MP's and policemen in jail.
    You all become MPs to serve the people and leave office as multi millionaires.


  3. I see nothing wrong with the lambi coming in and going out they get them from the see it is not governments own it is from the sea tak care of some thing else and Liv the people alone let them live their lives if it was drugs but it's onot


  4. if we have laws then why not follow it ....who say u cant being in lambi ..just go through the propee channel and u will b ok..get your documents..


    • Thats on of this country's biggest problems nobody wants to follow the laws or they want to make them up as situations arise or the laws are only followed when they it suits them. Nobody wants to follow rules and regulations. What do you get when this happens utter chaos.


  5. So RIGHT.
    SMH with St.lucia
    Poor man trying to make a living.
    Lord put a hand in weee nation.
    Which movement you'll prefer, the drugs or the lambie?
    Marine Unit go get something better to do with you'll lives cuz they French ready to send you'll and drink sea water..
    Let the poor man live.
    I could have understood if it was illegal drugs you'll got but shate man.
    The captain got kids to feed.
    Smh ST.LUCIA.....


  6. Authorities you are wasting time and money go and find something productive to do with tax payers money who gives a dam about lambie go and stop drugs and guns form entering the country worthless people.


  7. That's that white man movement .. putting lids on stuff they themselves found on earth.. every body wanna rule Jah's resources .


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