Australia-born woman mugged in Castries

Australia-born woman mugged in Castries


A 26-year-old Australia-born woman was robbed of her purse and cell phone on Sunday, Dec.18 , in Castries.

The woman was walking near the Massy Stores Supermarket at Waterfront, Castries at 1 p.m., when two men approached her.

One of the men grabbed her handbag which contained her Samsung Galaxy S7 cellphone, and while doing so, a small pouch containing the keys to her home fell on the floor.

The other bandit picked up the pouch, looked inside and when he realised that there was nothing valuable inside, he dropped it and began running.

“They grabbed my phone and my bag, and ran into the back streets. When I chased after them, I got attacked by one of their stray dogs. They left my pouch behind but they still have my phone,” she said.

The woman who was born to Saint Lucian parents and is currently on a vacation here, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that she had just stopped to take a phone call and was passing to get something hot to eat. She was planning to head home to Micoud after that.

“It was so sudden, they grabbed my phone so fast and started to run in the back street. I did try to pull my phone and bag off them . I didn’t want to throw a punch just in case they hit back,” she recalled.

The woman said she did not make a report to the police following the incident, as she was not in a good mindset at the time and just wanted to get home.

She plans to make an official report today.


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  1. Mr. Chastanet please go to the next level.

    Advise the security minister of an advanced plan to place UNARMED DRONES OVER THE SKY at certain times, on certain days using a 24-hour clock, backed by enforceable and protectionist legislation. We will need shits of well-trained screen observers who are not police assets .

    Certain places would be most suitable as candidates for such 24 x 7 x 366 days of coverage. The Grave Yard, Grass Street, and Egard come to mind.

    A Crime Prevention Section of the Police with DRONES, yes with DRONES, should be divided into at least three area of prime focus, namely, Castries CITY on cruise ship arrival days, prominent beaches, and social events like Friday night Gros Islet. Shifts of specially-trained civilians, who are not police personnel would be controlling those cameras 24/7, and alerting mobile police units to all suspicious activity.

    Domestic assaults would still require another form of monitoring.

    The crime situation should be fought, along the lines of something with the moral equivalent of a war on law-abiding Saint Lucians and visitors alike.

    If you are doing nothing wrong, then there is nothing to be afraid of at all with this eye in the sky. The cost? What is the value of a life? Pray tell.


  2. Even if there were 1,000 officers on the streets of Castries it would not prevent crime.
    If you all really want to reduce crime (note I said reduce, not eliminate), go to the ghettos and do some rehabilitation work with people there, in areas that people are afraid to go to, that are often forgotten, and work with young and old. Come up with programs that will give young people and outlet to express themselves, to educate themselves to be involved in sporting programs. Too many "children" are having babies, to many absentee parents, to many children "raised by the streets" or by "barrels".
    Yes, we need to care about the economy but we also need to care about our people.
    And please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that crime only comes from ghettos (I lived in one for may years) but very often you'll find that poverty is a breeding ground for violence.


  3. And in the news today, tourism down in Trinidad and Tobago because of fear of crime and T&T's reputation internationally. With Cuba opening up with cheaper holidays how long before tourists vote with feet and wallets and pass on St Lucia? So sad to hear.


  4. Melbourne, Australia. So bad and sad for the lady. Hope the offenders are caught very soon and the stolen items returned to her. St Lucia Island deserves better. I have always wanted to visit St Lucia as well as some other Caribbean islands such as Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago and also Belize , French Guiana, Guyana and Suriname. But, the crime rates in many of the countries really scared me. Why such a high crimes rates?


  5. Here we are again Satan Shit Hole. Clean it up. These so call universal educational institution is shuch a breading ground for criminals and thieves. They don't learn shit in some of these schools so lets start from there and work our way out. Also most of these criminals and thieves are born to teens who themselves had no love from their no show dad and careless teen mothers. Their grand mothers were unable so this is the end result LOOk IT.


  6. st lucians are encouraging these rascals by blaming the police for everything. the police never rob you guys. Mary Francis talk nah. Only criminals have human rights...


  7. Crime is on the rise at an alarming rate. WE booted the last government on the premise that the present would relieve us of this misery. We know that it is early in the game but it is never too early to have plans to win the game. Still waiting for the game plan.


  8. Do you really think that the government can stop muggings? If that has to happen then 1 in every 4 citizens has to be a police in uniform. The only way is to get those youngsters off the streets. That is what we should be looking to solve. Too many energetic youngsters using their energy to mug and run.


  9. I though the commissioner said BOOTS on our streets, FROM GAZETTED OFFICERS, but it appears the Crooks giving us the public BOOTS.

    The crime solver is Prayer for these young men......

    Sad to say - Kill them.


  10. It is time to wake up..
    If our prime minister is so gung ho on tourisim then it is time for him to WAKE UP....This has to stop orther wise here will be nothing..You cant sell an island if there is nothing bit this crap going around..


    • In total agreement, TOURISM is way too much of a volatile market for this Government to continue to invest millions in!



    • Correction he said "halt" I thought that was an extremely BOLD word to use. Mr Mayor please refresh yourself on the meaning of the word.

      I will pay you $1M if and when you ever achieve that.


      bring or come to an abrupt stop.
      "there is growing pressure to halt the bloodshed"


    • Trickle-down economics of SLP S.T.EP. genius is the handmaiden of this crime epidemic. Their answer was more S.T.E.P. programmes, and en rouge communist Castro bullshit from the Market Steps.


      • brother how are you helping with that rubbish comment. we are we need sustainable income so get rid of step. are you saying the program was ill-fated and all beneficiaries are criminals?
        man you sound like you hate your people. how much are you willing to give those who dont have?
        put some sense in your thinking before you type.


      • Anonymous,,,,you should be working for the city council..clearing garbage cause that's the language that u speak...CHAS DOH CARE ABOUT THE LITTLE MAN..if this was happening at cap am sure this would have been stopped...THE COLOUR OF A VOTE SHOULD NOT MATTER IT IS WHAT THE ELECTED MEMBERS DO THAT MATTERS...LIKE SAYING THAT ALL CRIME WOULD STOP IF THEY ARE ELECTED OR PAYING supporter $3-, move office when the government have so many flat trucks that can be used..OVER TO U MR MINISTER OF FINANCE......


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