Aunt of NY woman killed in Jamaica receives call from dead niece’s phone

Aunt of NY woman killed in Jamaica receives call from dead niece’s phone
Desiree Gibbons
Desiree Gibbons

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – The aunt of the American woman who was last year murdered in St James has reported receiving two calls from her niece’s missing cellular phone.

Peggy Brunner said she was preparing dinner when her phone began ringing Sunday evening and when she checked, she saw her 26-year-old niece’s name – Desiree Gibbon – flash on the screen.

“I got goosebumps from my head to my toes,” Brunner told the New York Daily News.

According to the report, Brunner missed a second call from Gibbon’s phone some six hours later, at 11:43 pm.

When she tried to call back, Brunner said she got the message she hears anytime she dials her niece’s number — “this phone is not working”.

According to NY Daily News, a surveillance camera captured her leaving the hotel where she was staying on November 23, wearing a T-shirt, shorts, sandals and a bandanna at 11:22 pm.

She returned to her room before emerging once again at 11:27 pm where she was seen strolling out of the hotel owned by her grandmother carrying only her American cell phone.

Andrea Cali-Gibbon, mother of the deceased, said the police initially showed no interest in the surveillance footage after learning about it from the family.

“They didn’t think it was going to help solve the crime,” Cali-Gibbon said adding that the police only focused on the phone.

Gibbon’s was found with her throat slashed in the bushes along the Long Hill main road in St James last November.

Her cell phone was never recovered.


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