AUDIO: UWP rejects change in nomination date

AUDIO: UWP rejects change in nomination date

PRESS RELEASE – United Worker’s Party Political Leader Allen Chastanet today called into question the procedure relating to the fixing of the date for the nomination of candidates for the General Election and blasted Prime Minister Kenny Anthony as arrogant, insensitive and uncaring.

The UWP is appalled that a decision would be made to hold nominations on a Saturday, which is the Sabbath for over 35,000 Christians of various denominations in Saint Lucia, the bulk of whom are Seventh Day Adventists. Guy Joseph, who is a practicing Adventist and who was present at the media conference today was especially offended and said he would have to take the decision personally because it would deny him the ability to go in person with his constituents to be nominated.

Sarah Flood-Beaubrun referred to Nomination Day as an event that required registered voters to be part of the democratic process. She deemed it unacceptable that the Government would chose a Saturday, which is the Sabbath for thousands of Saint Lucians and that as a matter of principle it should not be allowed. “This is another example of contempt for the people of Saint Lucia,” she said “and it is unacceptable.”

Referring to two advertisements published in two local newspapers, Chastanet said that the first published notice appeared in a newspaper dated May 21, 2016 and gave the date for nominations as May 27, 2016. A second notice was then published on May 23, 2016, superseding the previous notice, giving a new date of Saturday May 28, 2016.

Chastanet next read from two sections of the Elections Act to demonstrate the errors. Quoting from Section 36 he said that “every writ … shall specify: (a) the day of the nomination of candidates be not less than seven (7) and not more than fourteen (14) after the day of issue of the writ.”

The date the writ was issued was 20th May. The first publication of the notice on the 21st May clearly did not meet that 7-day requirement, Chastanet explained. As a consequence, a second publication of the notice with the new date of Saturday 28th May was done to fulfill that requirement of the Act, he said.

He next referred to Section 37 of the Act for the Notice of Time and Place for the Elections inter alia: “The Chief Elections Officer shall give notice … of the day and place fixed for the nomination of candidates by publication in the Gazette and one or more local newspapers at least seven days prior to the day fixed for such nomination.”

“If we are to take 7 days from the publication of the 23rd that takes us to May 30th for Nomination Day. So we contend that there has been a procedural error, a miscalculation that needs to be corrected, and we contend that nomination day cannot be on the 28th May, it ought to be on Monday the 30th May.”

Chastanet said the Party will be writing the appropriate authorities highlighting the procedural problems, but he hoped that the Government and the Prime Minister who is responsible for the Elections Commission would move with haste to rectify the situation.

This is yet another example of the arrogance and lack of respect for people’s religious rights and freedoms by a Prime Minister and a Government who have lost their way. When you add this to their lack or regard for students sitting two exams on June 6th, it is clear that Arrogant Anthony and his candidates are so obsessed with maintaining their grip on power that what they want comes first by any means necessary.

The United Worker’s Party is calling on Prime Minister Kenny Anthony to explain to the country why this decision to hold Nomination Day on Saturday 28th was made.


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  1. There is a lot in a day change from Friday to Saturday huh.....this says a lot my dear people .why not Monday .This shows no regard for the Sabbath, which ever religion you are. I was raised catholic and I know that Saturday is the Sabbath ...the devil is at work here big time .Mr.Gedeon and Mr. Joachim henry does it not bother you that you will be nominated on the Sabbath day. If you accept this you are saying to God you are not that important ,my opinion.......Souls are being sold as we speak..".Choose God......... or choose your party" , that is what I see Kenny saying to you all Poor Jab Guy sav ou pa eh jab ...GOD HELP US!!


  2. Since it is so important to observe the Advertise Sabbath, why didn't Guy Joseph see it fitting to observe Roman Catholic rules for Good Friday..instead he had a cricket match and had person consuming alcohol


  3. You guys are too spoilt. I want you to move to the U.S or Canada for example and look for work saying you won't work on a Saturday. How long does nomination take. Come on quit complaining like babies just get it done.


  4. Since the announcement of election day by the Prime Minister, I have read many "news" articles as well as social media postings about the elections, but have been disciplined enough to honour my commitment not to get too involved. However, I felt the need, I guess like many others, to voice my opinion on the most recent controversy, the change of nomination day from Friday to Saturday.

    I will address the religious issue raised by many (whether yellow or red) and the discussions generated whether for or against the change. To begin, I wish to make a distinction between a Sabbath observer, and one who does not observe the Biblical Sabbath. Notice I did not say a Seventh-day Adventist and a Roman Catholic (I think this is important especially when the issue of faith and religion is the center of focus in this debate). That said, I would like to focus my thought on the implication of the date (nomination day) to the Sabbath observer (Saturday) and the non-Sabbath observer (Sunday religious worshiper). It is important to note here that the Non-Sabbath observer denomination has never taught (at least not to my knowledge) that worshipers should strictly adhere to the observance of the Sabbath whether it is for them Saturday or Sunday. In fact, I have not once heard a biblical reference made by non-Sabbath keeping denomination as to why they do or do not observe the biblical Sabbath or whether doing so infringe on their faith or beliefs.

    On the other hand, biblical Sabbath-observing denominations (including the Seventh-day Adventist faith) believe that this observance is central to their core belief and as such is a mark of identity of who they are as a people of faith. Therefore, I believe, that to say that the questions raised by one faith group who has the Sabbath observance (Saturday) at the core their religion, undermines the importance of other denominations who do not observe the Sabbath is misplaced. Since the initial date for nomination was Friday 27th May, a day which would not have interfered with any religious observances, was subsequently changed to Saturday (Sabbath observance for many), the issues being raised with this change, in my opinion is legitimate.

    Please note that I did not make any political argument or sighted one party wrong or right, neither did I make an argument supporting or advancing one religion over another. I simply attempted to provide a different angle at legitimizing the claim being made for reverting to the initial nomination date, and why it would be incorrect to assign equally, the significance of the biblical Sabbath to all denominations.

    Have a peaceful elections Saint Lucia!


  5. Confusion reigning. But that happens when things are illl conceived and done in a rush for personal gain and political survival.

    Kenny could care less about the students and proper procedures. But God cares.


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